Plastic ceiling panels


Plastic ceiling panels

Among the many finishing materials, it is difficult to find one with which it would be easy, fast and at the same time beautiful, original and inexpensive to finish the ceiling. But there is such material — these are plastic ceiling panels.

Types of plastic ceiling panels

Finishing ceiling panels made of plastic (or rather, polyvinyl chloride) can be divided into types, taking into account the following indicators:

  • release form — there are tiled and sheet, resembling lining;
  • external parameters — may vary in size, color, surface texture;
  • method of applying an external decorative coating — can have a matte, semi-matte and glossy surface (using a special varnish); have a pattern (using thermal film) or imitate various natural materials (direct printing or embossing on special equipment).

Also, when choosing panels, you should definitely pay attention to such a parameter as their thickness — depending on this indicator, plastic panels are divided into ceiling and wall panels (thicker, and therefore heavier, intended for wall decoration).

Plastic ceiling panels in the interior

PVC ceiling panels are in rather high demand, which is due, among other things, to their special performance characteristics, and above all, high moisture resistance.

Therefore, plastic ceiling panels can be considered one of the best options for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom — a room with high steam and moisture content. Another very advantageous option for using plastic ceiling panels is to finish the ceiling in the kitchen: such panels absolutely do not absorb odors, are easy to clean, and are durable. In addition, the technology of mounting plastic panels makes it possible to hide all sorts of wiring behind them (for example, electrical wiring), and it is also easy to install spotlights.


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