pink wallpaper


pink wallpaper

Pink color is very multifaceted: it is the color of delicate roses, and a fresh blush, and a sunset, and a ripe peach. The interior in pink tones is chosen by gentle and refined, romantic and sentimental persons. And if earlier this color was mainly used in the design of children’s rooms and bedrooms, today it bursts with a fresh breeze into our living rooms.

Wallpaper of pink shades in the interior

Pink wallpaper in the living room will make the room a kind of island of optimism and romance. Psychologists say that pink suppresses aggression, relaxes and calms. But so that the room does not become a Barbie house, it is better not to abuse pink, but to combine it with other calm colors.

Pink wallpaper in the bedroom will especially suit the newlyweds. These delightful shades will create an aura of love and touching tenderness, which will certainly be conveyed to lovers. Also, a pink bedroom suits sentimental and sensitive people. Very well pink shades are combined with white.

Pink wallpaper in the kitchen is conducive to calm family conversation at dinner. In addition, pink is a warm hue that is known to stimulate appetite and promote good digestion. Pink wallpapers look especially tender in combination with glossy white furniture.

Pink wallpapers for a nursery are out of competition when you furnish a cozy princess castle for your daughter. Give preference not to bright or dark pink wallpapers, but to more gentle and calm ones.

Varieties of pink wallpaper

When decorating a particular room, we are free to choose the shade and pattern on the wallpaper. Someone prefers plain pink wallpaper. They blend well with other finishes. For example, you can decorate only one wall with pink. Also, monochromatic wallpapers fit well into classic and modern styles.

Pink wallpaper with a pattern is the choice of more emotional people. Pink wallpaper with flowers is great for bedrooms. In addition, such wallpapers are great for children’s rooms: against a calm pink background, all kinds of bright prints, geometric patterns and characters from fairy tales about princesses look very cool.

Wallpaper with a pink stripe is best suited for baroque, eclectic and classic styles. Delicate and narrow stripes create the perfect backdrop for exquisite furniture. But if you like bright accents, you can create a more youthful style with multi-colored stripes on a pink background.


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