pink curtains

pink curtains

Most of us, in order not to face the problem of choosing the right color scheme for curtains, prefer curtains of neutral colors, undeservedly depriving rich and juicy tones of attention. But in vain. After all, for example, pink, having many shades and color nuances, helps to cheer up, its presence drives away sadness and blues. Therefore, why not decorate the windows with pink curtains?

Pink curtains in the interior

Pink color has always been considered a kind of symbol of spiritual purity, youth, tender feelings and subtle beauty. Therefore, gently pink curtains, as well as possible, are suitable for the room of a young lady.

A kind of canon was the use of pink, including for curtains, when decorating a children’s room for a girl. This is not surprising. After all, daylight, penetrating through such curtains, fills the nursery with a soft, cozy color; creates a special atmosphere of tranquility in the room.

Even in the living room you can pick up beautiful pink curtains. In this case, it is better to give preference to rich shades of pink — strawberry, raspberry, salmon or fuchsia. The presence of such colors in the interior will help increase vitality. In addition, for the living room you can choose not just pink curtains, but more pompous ones, for example, with a spectacular pelmet and rich tiebacks.

Some controversy is caused by the presence of pink curtains in the kitchen. Many people associate this color with creamy desserts and cakes, that is, it stimulates the appetite. Therefore, for those who have problems with being overweight, this color should not be used in the design of the kitchen. But in general, this is quite an acceptable option. In the interior of the kitchen, for example, Roman blinds of a delicate creamy pink shade will harmoniously fit in. And for a small kitchen, where the work surface is connected to the windowsill, a short pink curtain is ideal.

Pink color is quite appropriate for the bathroom. For example, a pink curtain for a snow-white bathroom interior will serve as a kind of color accent, add charm and sophistication.

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