Outdoor decorative tall vase

Outdoor decorative tall vase

Since ancient times, vases have been present in the interior of different rooms. And if at first they were used exclusively as coasters for fruits, flowers and various sweets, then gradually they began to be used to decorate the interior. The vases come in a variety of sizes and their decor is mesmerizing. A special place among them is occupied by floor decorative tall vases.

Types of floor decorative vases

Tall floor vases are used most often in the design of spacious rooms. But in a room with a low ceiling, such a vase would be out of place. This decor item can be placed in the corner of the room, in a niche or a bay window. Two floor vases can stand on the sides of the front door to the room or, for example, on both sides of the fireplace. In such a decorative tall vase, for example, a dry tree branch painted in different colors or flowers on long stems will look beautiful.

A floor vase can become a highlight of the interior, but only if its style resonates with the design of the room. A dark floor vase will favorably shade the light floor in the room. Conversely, a light, for example, white high decorative floor vase will look great on a dark floor in a room decorated in Art Nouveau style. Provence lovers will love the outdoor ceramic vase, which is covered with white glaze.

In a room decorated in African style, a handmade ceramic floor high vase decorated with ethnic patterns would be appropriate. A metal vase decorated with floral ornaments will decorate a room with an oriental interior.

A high decorative vase in its classical sense fits perfectly into modern high-tech or minimalist styles. In such interiors, high floor vases made of glass with the addition of mirror inclusions will look very harmonious. There are floor glass vases with chrome elements.

Eco style is characterized by tall floor vases woven from wicker or even straw. Moreover, weaving is most often manual, which makes the vase a particularly valuable piece of decor.

To store cut flowers, tall plastic floor vases are used. Modern technologies make it possible to make plastic vases that do not look different from ceramic or, for example, metal vases.

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