One-story chalet-style houses

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One-story chalet-style houses are built from glued beams. Similar projects have some differences that create comfort and convenience of living. Chalet houses imply spaciousness and sufficient space, stairs are rarely used. Most of these structures are one-story, have a large studio-type living room with a high ceiling, stained-glass windows, and panoramic windows. The interior creates a great mood with an abundance of light in the house.

Features of chalet houses

One-story chalet-style houses are equipped with an attic with a balcony and a terrace. They can accommodate upholstered furniture, arrange a recreation area. Spacious terraces are supported by columns, they can form a single structure with balconies, and often go beyond the perimeter of the house. Wooden attics and massive luxurious balconies are an integral part of the exterior.

One-story wooden chalet houses have good thermal conductivity and are very warm. The practical layout of the house is in harmony with the countryside landscape.

The roof is installed mainly gable with large canopies, impressive canopies, protrudes much from behind the walls.

Projects of one-story chalet houses are great for a summer cottage. The decoration is based on natural materials — wood and durable stone. The plinth of the building is made of stone, and the walls are usually built of wood. It does not have a big impact on the foundation and simplifies construction. Such houses are built quickly and equipped with all the necessary communications. The simplicity and rationality of the building fits well with the rustic style, which combines tradition and innovation.

One-story chalet houses are a cozy and beautiful building in a European style. Such cottages are modern, in them you can live a full life and enjoy your vacation.

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