niche shower door

recessed shower door

Niche shower doors are becoming more and more popular and are often found in bathroom interiors. They allow you to organize a stylish and functional shower cabin in a small area.

Types of shower doors

A shower door in a niche is most often made of glass or plastic with a metal profile that is resistant to deformation.

Glass doors made of impact-resistant tempered glass, resistant to impact loads and high temperatures. Such canvases are made of tinted, frosted, corrugated, classic transparent or patterned glass. The profile is made of durable aluminum, has the colors of bronze, gold, chrome. Glass doors look airy and fill the room with light.

Plastic shower doors are low cost models. The material is flexible, strong and gives the possibility of long-term operation of the product.

The canvases also differ in the design of the opening of the valves.

Sliding door for a niche shower looks modern and is a neat option for a small area. It is made from one or a pair of doors moving with the help of rollers. Also, sliding door systems can be supplemented with fixed elements.

Rsash doors in a niche for the shower are canvases on fittings. Most often they open outwards. When installing this design, it must be borne in mind that free space is required for the smooth opening of the door.

Folding doors for a shower in a niche — the most compact. The canvas is made up of two pieces hinged to each other. When opened, they fold inwards.

Shower doors provide an opportunity to create a modern interior in the bathroom. With their help, a shower space of any non-standard size is made out.

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