Niche in the bathroom

niche in the bathroom

A niche in the bathroom is an architectural element, which is a recess in the wall. It performs a decorative and practical function. A niche can serve as a place to store items, towels, toilet paper, household chemicals, decorative accessories.

Thus, with the help of a niche in the bathroom, you can get rid of shelves and the need to hang cabinets that clutter up the space. For the equipment of such a storage system, openings are most often made in a square or rectangular shape.

Niche bathroom design

Usually a niche in the bathroom is made of drywall. From such material, you can build a structure of any shape and size, hide all the irregularities of the walls, hide pipes and communications.

A popular solution was the arrangement of a large niche in the bathroom for a washing machine or sink. The washing machine can be built into the prepared space, and it is convenient to equip a box on top — a tabletop and use it as a shelf for storing hygiene products. This placement of objects looks very neat.

A niche equipped under the sink is complemented by doors or a screen that hides water pipes. For her equipment, a box with a countertop is assembled, into which a washbasin is inserted. The result is voluminous additional space in which you can store buckets, rags and detergents.

A niche in the bathroom wall can be made creative, decorated with lighting, a mirror. For this, spotlights or wall sconces are often used; this design will create a special atmosphere in the room, visually increase its volume. Niches of an arched, oval shape will look beautiful.

Niches in the bathroom improve the appearance of the entire bathroom. They will become an excellent storage system and decor element, they will give the room a uniqueness.

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