Narrow shoe cabinet in the hallway

A shoe cabinet is an indispensable thing in the hallway. The range of such furniture is huge: from massive to narrow cabinets, from complex systems to ordinary shelves.

Tips for choosing a shoe cabinet in the hallway

First of all, the selected product must «fit» into an existing interior. Pay attention to color, design and quality. In the modern furniture market, you can choose models for both a narrow room and a large room. The corner shoe cabinet in the hallway is very popular. With benefit, you can use a niche by building a wardrobe there. A closet for shoes in the hallway will help save space. Thus, you have a place to store outerwear.

The design should accommodate the shoes of all family members with a margin for guests. The contents of the cabinet during storage should not be deformed and bent, ventilation is also important. A functional shoe cabinet in the hallway suggests the presence of compartments of different heights and auxiliary drawers for brushes, creams, sponges. The advantage is also ease of care.

For your convenience, it will be better if the shelves can be rearranged, which will allow you to place products of different heights in the most advantageous position.

Types of shoe racks

The most common way to store shoes is in open furniture. This approach allows the products to be ventilated, dry faster. The big minus is that dust will constantly sit down. An alternative option is shoe shelves under the bench.

Closed models are represented by cabinets, bedside tables, benches, poufs. Dust is not terrible, but poor ventilation does not allow the contents to dry well, an unpleasant smell appears. To solve this problem, it is enough to have additional holes. The closed type of furniture is preferred for pet owners.

The “slim” design, which means “thin”, looks like a narrow but tall cabinet. The width is about 20 cm, the shelves recline. They are located at an acute angle, the smaller it is, the more problematic it is to get shoes. You can opt for a wall model. Due to poor stability, even floor-standing narrow cabinets are recommended to be fixed to the wall.

There is a lot of multifunctional furniture, for example, you can combine a shoe cabinet in the hallway with a mirror. Not so long ago, special shoe dryers appeared. Built-in UV lamps reduce unpleasant odors and dry the base well. The downside is that you will have to spend extra money on power supply. In addition, not all shoes can be dried in this way.

The stand that rotates looks interesting. It is installed by surprise from ceiling to floor.

The design, made of metal pipes, is relevant for small spaces. A light and compact base is a good option from a financial point of view. Wood is more often used for the facade of cabinets. Putting shoes on wooden shelves is not practical, the service life is much shorter compared to metal. MDF attracts customers with an excellent price-quality-appearance ratio. Very well proven rattan on a wooden base. Plastic is a cheap and not very reliable option, it will fit best in a country house, where the number of shoes is minimal.

A shoe cabinet is a must in any home or apartment. A competent approach to the choice of furniture will make the room even more functional. A variety of textures, materials and design solutions allows you to choose the most desired option.

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