narrow corridor

A narrow corridor is a significant drawback in old apartments. One of the main problems in arranging the interior of such a room is insufficient lighting and dark walls. There are several tips on how to visually expand a narrow corridor.

Design and decoration of a narrow corridor

When choosing a decor for a narrow corridor, we advise you to pay attention to light colors, such as blue, beige, pale green. An important factor for this room is lighting, preferably several light sources, both ceiling and wall.

When finishing a narrow corridor, it is necessary to abandon the longitudinal pattern, it is better to choose vertical stripes. In a modern interior, it would be more appropriate to make glossy floors — by reflecting light, they will visually give the room additional volume. In such a corridor, it is good to use narrow tiles for finishing the floor. As for the color scheme, it is better to choose light colors, although this may seem impractical, it will make a visually narrow room appear wider.

It is also desirable to make the ceiling in a narrow corridor glossy — it will optically add height. A good solution would be a stretch ceiling.

Choosing furniture for a narrow corridor

Furniture for a narrow corridor is better to choose a compact and functional one, a very practical solution would be to install a closet in a narrow corridor. Such a wardrobe is roomy, and its sliding doors will significantly save space. Also, the mirror, which is mounted in the doors, does not require additional placement.

In the interior design of a narrow corridor, shelves will be a good solution — they can be made open and closed, the entire length of the walls, from ceiling to floor, it will look modern, unexpected and very stylish.

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