Moldings in the interior to separate the wallpaper

Moldings in the interior to separate the wallpaper

Initially, curly slats were invented to hide various defects, for example, to cover gaps, as well as to protect the decorative surface from possible damage. But later it turned out that when separating different types of wallpaper with molding, excellent results are also obtained. It became possible to use them both for zoning and as spectacular and unusual frames that perfectly change the appearance of rooms.

Types of moldings for decorating rooms

The most popular are foam slats, they are the most affordable, have a small weight and are easily attached to the walls. The disadvantage of such products is their low strength. Styrofoam works well when it is installed high under the ceiling, but at the level of human height such molding can be easily damaged. Polyurethane has the best strength and bends well, if you need to make a figured structure, then it is better to purchase blanks from this material. Good performance for wooden planks, but they constantly rise in price. If the budget allows, then wood moldings will well emphasize the sophistication of the situation in the house. Gypsum and marble are now used less and less, decorative plinths made of these materials are heavy and expensive.

Wallpaper with molding in the interior

Usually ceiling and wall wallpapers are separated by moldings, they are also installed on arches or interior doors. A more interesting way to use our decorative strips along with wallpaper is to zone the space horizontally. It is most optimal to divide the height of the walls in a ratio of 1: 2. Often the lower part is pasted over with vinyl, which has a plaster texture, and the upper part of the wall is finished with more decorative and expensive material, for example, textile wallpaper. Vertical division of space is also a great option to decorate a room. In this case, accent walls or a wall section are separated by decorative strips. In a similar way, wallpaper with molding is used in the interior of the living room behind the back of a stylish sofa or in the bedroom at the head of the bed.

It turns out that it is not necessary to buy an art canvas by a famous painter. The moldings in the interior look extremely chic to separate the wallpaper, which decorate home-made paintings from vinyl or paper canvas. If you find a roll of material with a chic texture or color and separate it on the wall with a beautiful frame, you will get an excellent and inexpensive homemade decoration for the interior.

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