Modular hallways

To create in the hallway, which, as you know, is the hallmark of any home, a special atmosphere of coziness and comfortable conditions for staying in it, along with a spectacular interior, an important role is played by properly selected furniture. Well, if the hallway is a fairly spacious room, where you can easily accommodate a large wardrobe, and a chest of drawers for shoes, there is a place for a small sofa and a full-length mirror. But what if the hallway is small, and neither a closet, nor a chest of drawers, nor a sofa, nor a large mirror can fit in it? Where to put outerwear, remove shoes, put gloves or attach the same umbrella? How to create that attractive «face» of the house? Do not despair, the way out of this situation is to use the so-called modular furniture (in this case, the hallway).

Modular hallway option

Any modular furniture is a kind of set of different items (modules) made in the same stylistic direction, in the same color scheme, with the same finishing elements. The undoubted advantage of such furniture is that it can be completed depending on individual needs and the size of the room. The standard set of a modular hallway consists of an open coat rack, a single or double wardrobe, a shoe rack, a mirror, a bedside table and a chest of drawers. You can also choose additional components for such a set, which will allow you to create exactly that unique interior of a beautiful business card at home in the hallway.

Examples of the layout of the modular hallway

Let’s start with the fact that modular hallways can be straight, standing along one of the walls, and angular. This is especially convenient in the sense that the useful area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hallway (meaning the room) is freed up due to the fact that the blind space of the corner is occupied.

To the basic set of modules, you can, if necessary, purchase additional elements, for example, mezzanines. In this configuration — a modular entrance hall with mezzanines — you can easily solve the problem of organizing a large number of things in a small hallway with high ceilings.

For small corridors, an excellent option is a narrow modular hallway with a set of narrow elements of any configuration. This will allow you to create a unique furniture composition even in a small room, which will decorate this seemingly completely unsightly place.

But for very small rooms, we can recommend small modular hallways of the minimum configuration — a hanger for two or three hooks with a shelf for hats and a shoe rack.

This option is also quite acceptable — a modular compartment compartment, which looks like a standard wardrobe, inside of which there is an additional compartment for placing shoes and small items.

Color design of modular hallways

Like any furniture, including for hallways, it is made in various colors, which allows you to select the environment depending on the lighting, stylistic and color scheme of a particular room. As you know, light color shades contribute to the visual expansion of space. Therefore, for small and narrow corridors, it is best to choose light modular hallways, completing them at your discretion. But modular hallways of intense dark wenge color will look good in a spacious room with bright lighting.

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