Modern living room

Modern living room

If you are thinking about the style in which to decorate the living room, pay attention to modern modern. This popular style is distinguished by lightness, the absence of everything superfluous, as well as closeness to nature, expressed in an abundance of floral patterns. All lines in the interior are sinuous and smooth, and the shapes of objects are abstract.

Modern living room interior design

In the modern living room, there should be exceptionally gentle and light natural shades, for example, pearl, green, purple, gray, white, etc. Bright colors will have to be abandoned.

For the manufacture of furniture in the living room in the Art Nouveau style, natural materials are used: wood, crystal, gypsum, mosaic glass. It is thanks to Art Nouveau that the modular furniture that is so popular today has gained fame. At the same time, the interior items should be arranged in such a way as to leave as much free space as possible in the room.

Furniture with wrought iron elements looks stylish and beautiful. For example, it can be legs for sofas or armchairs, twisted handles for cabinets, and even wrought iron railings on the stairs. If there is a fireplace in the Art Nouveau living room, then it can also be decorated using forged elements.

The walls in the modern living room can be painted and painted with floral patterns or ornaments. But most often these surfaces are pasted over with fabric wallpaper with a border of flowers. Used when decorating the walls in the living room moldings or wood panels. Doors in the living room, decorated with stained glass, will look great.

The windows in the living room are decorated with Art Nouveau curtains, which are decorated with various lambrequins. At the same time, the curtain fabric should be in harmony with the rest of the textiles in the room.

In the living room, decorated in Art Nouveau style, there should be many different accessories. It can be all kinds of figurines, porcelain dishes, bronze items. Often there are indoor plants in the living room, which is also typical for the Art Nouveau style.

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