Modern bedroom — modern interior ideas

Modern bedroom

The bedroom is a special place in any home. Each owner tries to equip this room with a space that will make you feel comfortable and cozy. Therefore, the modern bedroom is given more attention, choosing neutral and calm tones.

The main principle in the arrangement of the interior of this room is the creation of an original and unique room. Any idea can be realized in this way, the main thing is the method by which it is combined with the general image. The practical implementation of design ideas has its own design features: a combination of simple and strict forms, the rational use of space, the absence of lush decorative elements, as well as the choice of unique materials and interior details.

Art Nouveau bedroom design

When developing a design option, the priority task is to implement a unique and original idea. Following this principle, each designer tries to introduce a new concept without returning to already used projects. An important point is the use of elements that will create a single artistic image. The interior of the bedroom in modern style should look holistic with a harmonious arrangement of all elements.

Most of the materials used should be of a natural texture. The color scheme is selected based on the preferences of the owners, and it is recommended to use elements of muted tones. Projects are not tied to planning. This allows each designer to show a flight of fancy. Wide window openings, multi-level ceilings, artistic painting, and handmade details will look harmonious.

Modern bedroom 1

Wallpaper in the bedroom in modern style

Wallpaper is an important decor element in any room. To form a coherent image, they should have a modern design with strict, no-frills patterns and create a background in the setting. Natural and environmentally friendly materials are used for production. Japanese art with minimalist designs had a particular influence on the design of this type of wallpaper. An excellent option for decor will be plain wallpaper, creating an unobtrusive atmosphere.

Using wallpaper in the modern bedroom, it is recommended to choose a material without bright, annoying elements. As an exception, they can be used in the bedside area, while they should fit into the interior as much as possible. The accent is created with the help of panoramic photo wallpapers with a realistic plot or a monophonic canvas of a saturated shade. A common option is also the use of glossy coatings, which under the sun’s rays create spectacular overflows.

Modern bedroom 2

Modern bedroom chandeliers

In addition to performing the main function — lighting the room, chandeliers are also an integral part of the overall image. Like the style itself, they have an unusual shape and bright design. Ceiling chandeliers in the Art Nouveau bedroom have a forged frame with shades of the simplest possible shape. They are created under floral motifs, when the shades are in the form of buds, flowers or patterns from vines. A properly selected chandelier will become a real decoration, complementing the overall interior design.

Modern bedroom 3

Bed in the bedroom modern

Modern style does not have a single criterion for the design of design solutions. Therefore, the main condition when choosing a bed is the naturalness of the materials from which it is made, and comfort during sleep. Simple designs with a headboard of regular geometric shapes are popular. As an option, for a bedroom of the Art Nouveau image, a solid bed can have a wide side around the perimeter, on which you can put a cup, put a magazine or a book. The foot of the bed is sheathed with genuine leather or leatherette.

Modern bedroom 4

Curtains in the bedroom in modern style

The main task in creating a modern style is to imitate natural objects. This principle must be observed when choosing curtains. When designing a window, it is necessary that a sense of proportion is combined with luxurious decor elements. The end result of the bedroom decor in modern style, along with selected curtains, should create a feeling of grace and brightness. For this, both dense and light fabrics with an arbitrary arrangement of curtains on the window can be used.

Another principle is the observance of layering. This implies the presence of several curtains on the window, at least one thick and one thin, made only from natural fabrics. Blinds in this design are not welcome. Colors are recommended to use bright, but without sharp contrast. On one of the curtains there should be a floral print, and on the other — a frame of flowers with a similar ornament.

Modern bedroom 5

Modern chest of drawers for the bedroom

No bedroom design solution is complete without such a piece of furniture as a chest of drawers. And modern style is no exception. Modern interior design options are not limited to the use of bulky chests of drawers made of natural wood. Like all Art Nouveau bedroom furniture, they can be gracefully shaped, crafted from a variety of composite materials that work together to mimic the overall design.

A modern interpretation involves the creation of a chest of drawers from several modules, the facades of which have different colors in accordance with the design of the walls. This option helps to adapt them to the overall design of the room. The use of modules also allows you to create a corner or straight chest of drawers of the required height, put them together or separately. Thus increasing the functionality and usability of this piece of furniture.

Modern bedroom 6

Wardrobe in the bedroom modern

In addition to performing the main functions — storing clothes and bedding, the closet should be an integral part of the overall interior. A modern modular bedroom modern involves the use of not only cabinets in a classic design. The perfect solution would be to install a sliding wardrobe, the facade of which is made in a combination of white and black colors. A sandblasted pattern is applied to the mirror surface, emphasizing the overall interior.

Modern bedroom 7

Bedroom in modern modern style

To decorate the interior of a modern bedroom, you must adhere to several principles. For this, two primary colors are used with a small amount of additional original details, as well as subdued diffused lighting. The walls are plastered or painted, focusing on patterns or textured elements. To cover the floor, use a laminate or parquet in whitish or dark monochromatic shades.

The main focus is on the bed. It should have a massive headboard, decorated with a coarse fabric without patterns. Bedside tables and a table are chosen with small legs; the use of shelves similar in appearance is also allowed. The cabinet can be made of solid wood or compact in the form of a sliding wardrobe. Diffused lighting will create a soothing atmosphere. To do this, use one ceiling chandelier and several bedside lamps, with the ability to adjust the intensity of lighting.

Modern bedroom 8

Bedroom in modern style in beige tones

When decorating a bedroom, modern gloss, made in beige tones, will create a space for a good rest. This color scheme can be combined with contrasting decor details, while creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Thanks to the variety of beige shades, you can focus on the most significant interior items. A combination with other colors will allow you to use the play of shades on the main elements of the decor.

Modern bedroom 9

Modern bedroom in white tones

In the Art Nouveau style, the use of natural materials of calm colors is encouraged. One of the options for this design is the use of white tones. For connoisseurs of cleanliness, rigor and order, a modern white bedroom would be an ideal option. The predominance of white colors will visually enlarge the space and create a suitable environment for good rest and sleep, as well as fill the room with positive energy.

Modern bedroom 10

Modern bedrooms in wenge color

In modern interior design, wenge color implies the use of dark shades, from chocolate to dark brown. At the same time, the wenge modern bedroom is a prestigious and fashionable option for decorating a room. This color creates a feeling of special comfort, and most accurately conveys the natural beauty of the tree. The interior is saturated with a special charm, with the implementation of the most daring design ideas. Dark tones are also considered versatile as they go well with other colors.

Modern bedroom 11

This style allows you to arrange everything at your discretion. For this, modern technologies are used in combination with unusual decor elements and interior items. Everyone can independently choose color combinations and materials for finishing the room. Furniture should be comfortable and convenient. An important factor is also the possibility of designing a unique room, having a small budget.

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