Mirror in the hallway in full growth

Mirror in the hallway in full growth

It is impossible to imagine a hallway in which there would be no mirror. There are various options for arranging mirrors in the hallway. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Types of mirrors

A full-length floor mirror is ideal for a hallway, it allows you to see yourself as much as possible before leaving, and notice in time if something is wrong. Such a mirror can be in a beautiful frame, fixed in a massive stand, stand on the floor, but also a full-length mirror is mounted on the wall, this is a more practical option, especially in a small hallway.

A full-length mirror in the hallway is not only an item that is absolutely necessary, but also a great design solution, as it visually increases the size of the hallway.

A full-length wall mirror with backlight looks very modern and stylish in the hallway. A person standing in front of a mirror must see himself well so that he can notice a lack of clothing or makeup and eliminate it in time, which is why it is so important that the mirror is brightly lit. It is also important that there is enough space in front of the mirror, then you can easily examine yourself from head to toe.

Wardrobe with a mirror in the hallway

You can approach the issue of installing a mirror in the hallway in the most constructive way by installing not a separate mirror in it, but by purchasing a spacious closet with a full-length mirror. Cabinets with mirrored doors are popular as they help to make more efficient use of space.

It is better to order such a wardrobe individually, then you can choose whether all the doors of the wardrobe will be mirrored or only individual fragments. The mirror surface mounted in the cabinet door can be either completely smooth or with a pattern located in the corner of the mirror or framing it around the perimeter.

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