Loft wall lamps

Loft wall lamps

The loft style is now gaining more and more popularity, thanks to its modern appearance, combined with the cosiness and creativity that it brings to a room that is so distant. An important factor in creating the right environment is lighting, including loft-style wall lamps.

Luminaires with loft design

The loft style is the style of decorating old industrial premises, which used to house working facilities, but later these rooms were converted into residential ones. In such apartments, high ceilings, brickwork, ventilation wiring, high and wide windows are traditionally preserved. Now it is fashionable to decorate ordinary apartments in a similar way, not only originally converted from working rooms.

Loft-style wall lamps are a combination of simplicity and functionality. Being located on the walls, they should give a powerful enough stream of light to illuminate a large space around them. Very often you can find the design of the lamp without a ceiling at all, consisting only of a leg and a large lamp. This option will be a great reflection of the loft style.

Another option is metal ceiling lamps of various shapes. Simple in design, they can be painted in a soft color or remain in a silvery hue. You can choose both square loft wall lamps and round ones. Glass can also be used as a material for decorating a ceiling, but very simple, concise options in a transparent or matte finish are most often used. Another interesting feature of loft lamps is sometimes an extending leg and the ability to direct the ceiling in different directions, depending on the need.

Loft lamps in the interior

Since the loft style looks best in large spaces, several lamps should be used to illuminate them at once in order to create a sufficiently powerful luminous flux. At the same time, you can place lamps around the entire perimeter of the room, several on opposite walls, or resort to a very fashionable solution now: hang several lamps close to each other on one wall, creating a bright spot of light. Not far from it, you can later install a desktop, and arrange a recreation area in a darker corner.

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