Living room interior in a wooden country house

Living room interior in the house

Owners of country houses do not always realize the main advantage of such housing: they have access to such types of materials for interior design that will look at least strange in city apartments. The interior of the living room in the house can be made so unique that it will surprise any visitor.

Decorating the living room in the house

The living room in a country house is the center of the entire living space, so special attention is riveted to it during repairs. If in the summer it is transferred to the sunny terrace, then only before dark. Traditionally, the largest room in the house is reserved for the living room, so that a friendly company can be accommodated there in addition to the family. The interior for her is often chosen calm, without modernity and experiments, as she creates a relaxing peaceful atmosphere.

The interior of the living room in the house rarely has common ground with high-tech, art deco and pop art. The best designers in the world sympathize with such areas as:

  • Roman style. The direction that came from the early Middle Ages is similar to the classical one due to the massiveness of the doorways, arches and warm colors. It is distinguished by deliberate rudeness, which can hide the flaws in the decoration of the ceiling and walls of the living room;
  • neo-classicism. The classic in its canonical version is appropriate in high-rise buildings and apartments with large footage. A small comfortable living room in a private house will suffer from columns and pomposity;
  • country. The economy and simplicity of the rustic interior is popular today even among the owners of elite cottages.

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The interior of the kitchen-living room in a private house

When the kitchen-living room in a wooden house is to be divided for zoning purposes, the easiest way to do this is with a wall, modular cabinet or sofa. The sofa should be located with its back to the dining room so that its seat does not become stained from splashes of boiling oil and other products during cooking. The back surface of the sofa for this is upholstered with flock or a sheet of pressed sawdust: these surfaces can be easily cleaned at any time with liquid soap and a brush.

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Design of a dining-living room in a private house

The design of the living room in a country house, connected to the dining room, seems to be more complex. A family of 2-3 people does not need a separate dining room: if there is a need for such an idea, then the table will a priori be too long and wide to fit in the kitchen. Therefore, it should be placed closer to the fire if there is a fireplace in the hall and away from the stove used in cooking. So unpleasant odors will be isolated from the cozy dining room.

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living room design with fireplace

A living room with a fireplace in a private house is advantageous in that it is able to participate in the full heating of adjacent premises. The hearth can not only be purchased, but also designed with your own hands. The heating fireplace runs on coal, wood, gas or electricity. Since it heats up, it is impossible to decorate it with candles, papier-mâché and plastic figures. Grates and fences should also fit this rule: for safety reasons, the fireplace is lined with bricks or blocks.

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Living room in a wooden house

A tree is the most relevant way to equip a key room in a summer house. The natural array does not emit hazardous substances, like plastic or cheap types of MDF, it is evenly heated by the heating system and does not create an unpleasant odor. The walls are lined with wooden panels: they additionally insulate the room in case of a frosty winter. The interior of the living room in a wooden house is best made multi-layered — this effect is achieved through a combination of different textures of textiles.

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Living room in a log house

Finishing the living room in a log house also supports the fashion trend for environmentally friendly housing. The easiest way to do it is by purchasing a special beam, which is planted on high-strength frost-resistant glue. The interior for it is chosen based on the usual design of Alpine chalets and Scandinavian buildings. The materials used in the house should continue the idea of ​​naturalness — stone, marble, and forged metal are especially popular here. You can give airiness to such strong stylistic accents of the living room by placing several rattan chairs in it.

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Living room with stairs in the house

A beautiful staircase in the house should become an accent to attract attention. The corner surfaces of the steps in the interior are easy to replace with racks or shelves: they often store books, LED lights to illuminate the rise, and flower pots. It is recommended to use the space under them no less ergonomically: a fireplace or a TV can easily fit there. An electric fireplace in a home does not require a chimney like its basic counterpart with natural fire. In terms of safety, it is bypassed by an eco-fireplace that runs on biofuel from alcohol.

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The interiors of the living rooms in the house are really not full of such diversity as the apartments familiar to the average city dweller. But the simplicity and low cost of their design has its own charm, which can not be repeated by more than one modern decor option. A country cottage will still be more attractive than studios due to associations with old family nests.

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