Living room in Khrushchev — design and ideas of the living room


living room in Khrushchev

Panel houses built in the second half of the last century do not differ in large dimensions. They are characterized by small space and inconvenient arrangement of rooms. The living room in Khrushchev easily turns into a stylish and comfortable apartment with the help of some modern design techniques.

Ideas for a living room in Khrushchev

The hall is the central place in the house. It needs to be made functional, beautiful, comfortable for relaxation and not overloaded with furniture. Combining rooms is one of the most daring and popular techniques for organizing a harmonious environment. The design of the living room in Khrushchev can be combined with a kitchen, bedroom, hallway or demolish all the walls, transforming the room into a stylish studio. This technique adds lightness to the room and allows you to place all the necessary furniture.

Kitchen-living room in Khrushchev

The combination of a dining area and a place to relax is now popular. You can visually expand the space of a small room by combining it with a kitchen. To do this, you can expand the door and window openings, which will further increase the flow of light into the room. The kitchen, combined with the living room in Khrushchev, decorated in monochrome light shades, will seem more spacious. Rescheduling can be done in several other ways:

  • partially dismantle the partition and make an arch;
  • completely demolish the wall and install columns or sliding glass
  • doors;
  • remove the wall halfway and mount the bar counter.

living room in Khrushchev 1living room in Khrushchev 2

Installing a dining table at the transition point from the working area to the living room helps to expand the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe small kitchen, it acts as a stylish link. The bar counter in the living room in Khrushchev is easily combined with work surfaces with one polygonal table top. The same type of light cladding of the entire room will further increase its area. Contrasting colors and large patterns are best avoided.

living room in Khrushchev 3

Living room-bedroom in Khrushchev

From a small hall and a tiny sleeping room, you can make a stylish and cozy joint space. The design of the living room in Khrushchev, combined with the bedroom, should be accompanied by the division of the area into separate sections — private and common areas. For this, decorative partitions, pieces of furniture, curtains for protecting the bed, and shelving are used. The bed can be placed on a podium, under which drawers can be installed. If desired, folding beds are used, which are hidden in a closet or folding sofas.

living room in Khrushchev 4

Living room-studio in Khrushchev

Indoors, you can combine several rooms if you remove not one, but several partitions in the apartment. The living room with an entrance hall in Khrushchev, when combined with a kitchen and a bedroom, will turn into a fashionable studio. The seating area can be distinguished by a carpet and a corner or semicircular sofa. The kitchen is easy to designate using a podium or a dining table, a bar counter. The place to sleep is equipped with a bed located behind a screen or a small partition. Instead of a bed, you can use a large corner sofa, which at the same time will help to isolate the seating area from the dining room.

living room in Khrushchev 5

Living room interior with a balcony in Khrushchev

A popular option is to combine a room with a loggia. A small living room in Khrushchev, which has access to a balcony, simply transforms into a beautiful room with a large glass area. If possible, windows are installed in it on the entire wall, you get something like a bay window. Due to this, the natural lighting of the room and its area will increase. The transition to the balcony is distinguished by arches, niches, and decorative plasterboard structures. On the loggia, you can equip a resting place with a coffee table, a sofa and a pair of armchairs or a work area with a computer desk.

living room in Khrushchev 6

How to arrange a living room in Khrushchev?

Space for such a room is of key importance. Furniture should be functional, and the design should visually increase the area of ​​​​the room, especially if it is a walk-through living room in Khrushchev. When arranging a room, you will have to give maximum preference to laconic design styles with a small set of the most necessary items. A modular living room in Khrushchev involves the use of structures that do not take up much space and can be combined in different ways. Such furniture should be given attention along with an interesting design.

Art Nouveau living room in Khrushchev

You can decorate a room in an original and elegant way using any popular interior style. Art Nouveau is characterized by an excess of floral patterns on furniture and decoration, smooth rounded shapes, intricate images, asymmetry and discreet shades. Living room furniture for Khrushchev in this style is not bulky. Laconic modular sets of several low sections, a small sofa with graceful legs and curved armrests, and a couple of armchairs with a glamorous coffee table made of glass or glossy plastic are suitable for her.

living room in Khrushchev 7

The design of the wallpaper in the modern Khrushchev living room is replete with graceful lines on a floral theme or attractive waves. They have a soft color, but a pleasant ornament. The modernist living room in Khrushchev is decorated with a stylish chandelier with geometric shapes, floral shades or a lamp, which is an intricate glass. Sliding doors and a multi-level stretch ceiling with reflective properties will perfectly fit into the interior.

living room in Khrushchev 8

Living room in the style of minimalism in Khrushchev

For the rational use of space, you need to remove everything unnecessary from the room. A modern living room in Khrushchev will harmoniously look in a minimalist style. It is characterized by multifunctional furniture of a simple geometric shape without smooth lines and transitions. A sofa, armchairs, a transforming table and two or three suspended mezzanines for decorating the TV zone — this is enough. Low furniture will complement the interior with a sense of freedom and infinity.

All finishing materials are used without drawings and textures — plain, it is possible with different shades in separate functional areas. Light wall decoration will provide a lot of light and air, which is especially important for the design of a narrow living room in Khrushchev. Smooth and shiny surfaces of facades without decorations, glass and carvings are welcome. Minimalism implies the absence of numerous accessories; one or two accents on the wall are used in the form of a photo or picture.

living room in Khrushchev 9

Living room in the English style in Khrushchev

For lovers of natural finishes, a more conservative design is suitable. The decor of the living room in Khrushchev in the English style involves the use of a large amount of natural wood, leather, textiles and crystal. The furniture is installed massive, with pulled down upholstery, the ceiling is white, it is possible with stucco molding, the wallpaper is textured with small ornaments, the curtains are heavy with fringe and tassels. Walls can be complemented by carved wooden panels. Parquet is laid on the floor.

living room in Khrushchev 10

The living room in Khrushchev in the English design involves the installation of a fireplace or its imitation. It is appropriate to use the hearth in a redesigned studio, decorate with stucco, masonry, dark wood with carvings, metal grating, place memorable photographs or a picture on top. In the fireplace area, along with upholstered furniture, it would be appropriate to lay a natural carpet with a pattern of roses. Such a room looks strict, but stylish, solemn and expensive.

living room in Khrushchev 11

Loft-style living room in Khrushchev

The space vacated after the dismantling of the walls can be designed in an industrial way. Its difference is unfinished walls, wooden beams, a large sofa and modern appliances. The white living room in Khrushchev looks spacious and bright. Light brickwork, the absence of curtains will visually make the room more spacious. The division of the plots occurs due to the difference in the texture and colors of the walls and shelving.

living room in Khrushchev 12

Upholstered furniture for the living room in the Khrushchev loft can be installed in the middle of the room, it serves as its center. Antique elements are harmoniously combined with modern appliances. It is better to use few accessories so as not to clutter up the area. This design is characterized by an open layout, but you can also use a glass partition for a bedroom or kitchen. The loft style is suitable for creative and extraordinary personalities.

living room in Khrushchev 13

Provence living room in Khrushchev — interior

For a small room, it is better not to use dark colors in the decoration. A bright living room in Khrushchev in Provence style is decorated in pastel shades — beige, slightly pink, milky, lilac and light green are used to complement the interior. This color palette will look easy and elegant. The walls are pasted over with wallpaper with floral ornaments, they can be decorated with wooden light panels. Curtains for the Provence living room in Khrushchev are used from light fabrics with floral patterns.

living room in Khrushchev 14

The furniture used is beige with elegant forms, necessarily aged. Chests of drawers, sofas with carved legs, stained-glass cabinets for dishes will fill the room with French chic. Forged details in the interior look airy. The atmosphere can be supplemented with ceramic vases, dried flower bouquets. Such a room will be filled with a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.

living room in Khrushchev 15

The living room in Khrushchev has tiny rooms, low ceilings and an uncomfortable layout. Competent design, proper arrangement of furniture, redevelopment and zoning will allow you to create comfortable and modern living conditions even in such a room. Wall decoration with soft, non-contrasting materials, proper lighting will compensate for the lack of space and make the interior cozy and homely.


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