Living room in classic English style

English style living room

Many people living far from Foggy Albion are fascinated by the English style. The books of Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Carroll, Dickens, Swift and other masters of the word evoke love for him. For this reason, a serious design question about the possibility of reproducing at home an atmosphere in the spirit of British classics always remains relevant.

English style living room design

To implement this idea, you need a substantial amount of money, fine taste and knowledge of centuries-old traditions. The English-style living room kitchen will allow the owners to embody a different number of finishes, use antique leather furniture, items upholstered in chic fabric in the setting. A sofa with a diamond-shaped stitch, a set of porcelain knick-knacks, a fireplace or its imitation, shelves with books, curtains of a certain design will definitely come in handy.

Living room in classic English style

The Georgian style, which ruled the roost in the 18th century, is distinguished by restrained majesty. Decorations with colonial Indian or Chinese ornaments are allowed indoors. Living room in the style of English classics should be filled with wooden furniture, skillfully finished with intricate carvings. Hang the walls with luxurious carpets, fabric drapery, use decorative wood panels.

English style living room 1

Victorian style in the XIX century dramatically changed the interior of a private house. The layout of the room became more complicated, a lot of stucco, valuable wood, and textiles appeared in the decoration. The British began to use more expensive overseas accessories, paintings, ottomans, screens, and souvenirs in everyday life. Indoor plants have become an indispensable piece of furniture; they are placed in groups in the corners in the living room. The walls are decorated with floral and oriental patterns, wallpaper with vertical stripes.

English style living room 2

modern english style living room

British mansions in our time are rarely decorated according to Victorian canons, but many traditions are sacredly revered by the inhabitants of the islands. The mixture of discreet luxury and classical austerity, the use of traditional elements, is still appreciated. A well-designed English-style living room with a bay window can have an incredibly elegant look, in terms of sophistication and comfort, it is not much inferior to an old-style room.

English style living room 3

Even a living room in a modern English style cannot be imagined without a fireplace, which still remains the interior center of the house. Installing them in apartments is problematic, so here you should replace the sources of a real flame with a skillful imitation. Finish the adjacent walls with tiles, marble, stone. Above the fireplace, it is worth attaching a shelf with a visor, where it is convenient to place interesting decorative trinkets.

English style living room 4

Living room in the old English style

The realistically designed English living room of the era of medieval castles was a large room, which was combined with a dining room, a recreation area for the household. The floor was covered with processed wood, stone, tiles, and the walls were decorated with gilding and colored paintings. The windows were arched, the ceilings were supported by carved columns. As furniture, it is desirable to use armchairs, chairs, chests, gothic cabinets in the old style.

English style living room 5

In this case, a simple imitation of a living flame made of modern materials will not suit you, there was little furniture in the castles, for this reason a large stone hearth with crackling firewood is the central exhibit here. You will have to create an English-style living room interior with a fireplace, finishing this element with decorative stone, wrought iron ornaments or tiles. You can easily enhance the desired impression by decorating the adjacent walls with heraldic patterns, stucco figures of angels, and bas-reliefs on a knightly theme.

English style living room 6

English living room — interior

You need to understand that the presence in the room of only one expensive antique furniture is not enough to resolve this issue. Realistic living room interior in the English style is possible with a number of correct details and the right architecture. Modern radiators will have to be replaced with a “warm floor” system or hidden behind panels, European windows will have to be closed with curtains of the appropriate design, and wallpaper with drawings and colors that are most suitable for the style should be bought.

Curtains in the English style for the living room

For decorating windows, heavy, but beautiful velvet or satin fabric, brocade is used. Pickups in the form of ribbons, brushes and fringes are widely used. The design of the living room in the English style should look luxurious and spectacular, but not defiant. Textiles are decorated mainly with a floral pattern, a strip, a cage. From the same material it is recommended to sew pillows for chairs, sofas and armchairs.

English style living room 7

English style sofas for the living room

The atmosphere in a real British home should be distinguished by elegance, nobility and a sophisticated look. When choosing furniture for an English-style living room, you should buy a Chesterfield sofa, the style of which was developed more than 200 years ago. It is distinguished by a diamond-shaped screed, armrests in the form of rolled scrolls, the height of which is equal to the height of the backrest, and miniature legs. Traditionally, chesterfield sofas have leather upholstery, less often brocade, velvet or velor is used.

English style living room 8

Wallpaper design of the living room in the English style

Georgian wallpapers mainly use strict geometric lines, symmetrical patterns, and there are no various curls or color overflows. An English-style Victorian living room with a fireplace will look a little richer. Here, the walls are decorated with images on plant and flower themes, reminiscent of Indian motifs. Traditionally, beige, red, dark green, blue, brown color is chosen for the living room. You need to try to choose the color scheme of the wallpaper in accordance with the furniture installed in the room.

English style living room 9

Some people think that the English-style living room is only suitable for conservatives, but this is not true. Avid travelers and collectors of exotic souvenirs will see it as an opportunity to decorate their home environment with numerous curiosities. Absolutely classic interior will appeal to adherents of family traditions and bibliophiles, lovers of relaxation in a cozy and calm atmosphere.

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