Living room furniture — cabinet, upholstered and modular furniture in different styles

Living room furniture

The living room is the center of an apartment or house, where they gather to watch TV, take a break from everyday work and chat with the family. The comfort of the situation here is above all: incorrectly selected furniture for the living room is dangerous to health.

What furniture to choose for the living room?

The optimal set of furniture for the living room from a household point of view consists of a slide, a sofa, a set of armchairs or pouffes. Then for a friendly conversation or watching a movie, you will not need to bring chairs from other rooms. Ideally, the number of seats should correspond to the number of residents. Other common hardware errors include:

  • incorrect choice of the location of the sofa or couch. A piece of furniture that transforms into a bed should not occupy part of the doorway, otherwise it will impede patency;
  • small distance between the interior details. Walls and other furniture for the living room cannot be placed closer than 150 cm to each other for the same reason;
  • the effect of the accumulation of all the details in one place. All design objects should not stand along one wall — then the appearance of emptiness is created opposite it;
  • lack of space zoning. In studio apartments, a closet or a large sofa can separate the dining room and the hall.

Upholstered furniture for the living room

There are not so many types of furniture for the living room: a sofa, a sofa, a corner and an armchair. This is a major investment in the design of the most used room. Models of universal length and width are preferred: they can be easily moved at any time without a total rearrangement. The size of the sofa or couch should allow you to lie on it with your legs outstretched. An L-shaped corner will fit exclusively into a large space of a summer house or a country house, where it will not look like a heap.

But modular upholstered furniture for the living room looks compact and is adjustable based on the needs of the owner. This is a prefabricated combination of pillows and backs, which are not a single and inseparable monolith. The module does not have a clear configuration — it is set by the owner. The best advice when buying it from designers: choose a module with removable cushions used to sit on the floor if necessary.

Living room furniture1Living room furniture2Living room furniture3

Modern cabinet furniture for the living room

Cabinet furniture for the living room in a modern style does not differ in such ergonomics, but is considered the most purchased. It is made of cast boards made of chipboard, fiberboard or solid wood — this is wooden furniture for the living room, upholstered in fabric with padding polyester, polyurethane foam or foam rubber. A reliable body is cut from pine, alder, hazel or ash or from pressed sawdust. It is desirable to fill it with hypoallergenic holofiber: keep in mind that it costs more than other materials.

Living room furniture4Living room furniture5Living room furniture6

Modular furniture

The assortment of stores is not limited to combined furniture for the living room in the form of a sofa. The functionality of the soft module is not inferior to wooden modular living room furniture in a modern style. Visually increase the space of the hall under the force of elements of different heights, lined up in one row. It can be a cabinet with avant-garde shelves nailed at the junction of two levels or glass doors on the high sides of the slide. The module, if desired, includes a portable wardrobe or TV stand.

Living room furniture7Living room furniture8Living room furniture9

Living room furniture design

Light-colored living room furniture is much more preferable than dark ones. Since this is a room for relaxation, it is impossible to create pop art or art deco style in it, which puts pressure on the psyche shaken after work with flashy posters and pompous scarlet wallpaper. Furniture for the living room tones of vanilla, ghee, coffee with milk or monochrome scale will fit into any sophisticated surroundings.

Living room furniture in a classic style

Elegant classic upholstered furniture for the living room is an example of a design that is devoid of pretentiousness and does not lose its attractiveness. A worthy accent for her is beige, pistachio or mint curtains with lambrequins. Roman blinds with controls are also suitable for this style. Naturally, their shade again should be pastel. If space permits, an antique marble fireplace will add natural light and create coziness.

Upholstered furniture in a classic style for the living room should be selected based on the contrast with the wallpaper. For several years now, the trend has been the most fashionable, according to which the delicate color scheme of the wallpaper is complemented by sofas and armchairs with dark woods. A dramatic contrast between the two can be achieved by adding a fluffy white floor carpet and cream flock or plush upholstery.

Living room furniture10Living room furniture11Living room furniture12

Modern living room furniture

For those who decide on brightness in colors, modern is suitable. In it, any color will balance and muffle accessories made of white porcelain, fabrics or living room furniture made of solid birch or Canadian maple. If the room looks small and cramped, white gloss living room furniture, a rattan or glass coffee table, Viennese chairs will add airiness to its interior. In order not to feel like a hospital patient, you need to combine different textures in a variety of light colors.

Living room furniture13Living room furniture14Living room furniture15

Provence style living room furniture

And again, furniture for the living room made of light wood comes to the rescue. Provencal living room furniture is traditionally made of walnut, so in this situation it is preferable. French charm can be conveyed by coated stucco with subdued finishes, or even a natural stone wall. Sofas and armchairs necessarily have a slight touch of wear, but not wear.

Living room furniture16Living room furniture17Living room furniture18

Neoclassical furniture for the living room

Neoclassical — a style that is a mixture of baroque classics, Greek and Roman architecture. In a sense, it can be called excessive: voluminous decoration and redundancy of small details overload the style of the apartment, balancing on the verge of bad taste. Corner furniture for the living room, couches and poufs should be upholstered in velvet or velor in dark blue, wine or gray tones. From the direction of Rococo, borrowing carved legs, gilding and multi-level frills is allowed.

Living room furniture19Living room furniture20Living room furniture21

High-tech living room furniture

Glossy living room furniture is decorated with high-tech design, filled with high-tech elements that make life much easier. It does not draw attention to itself, which should be given to the latest technology and gadgets. For example, a huge backlit plasma panel, an acoustic system, an ecological smart fireplace or an installation with a room humidity indicator.

Living room furniture with a corner cabinet will get along with this style only if it is made of modern functional materials — plastic, light metal alloy with a matte or shiny surface. Here it is much more organic to use modules that save space. Since the tree is not suitable for high-tech, it will be replaced by chipboard with a color coating.

living room furniture

Living room furniture minimalism

In a modest studio with a lack of square meters, it is difficult to realize the dream of a comfortable stay. Furniture with a showcase for the living room is a classic way out of this difficult situation. Not only small things like souvenirs and figurines will fit in a glass cabinet: sets of dishes, perfume bottles, collectible dolls can easily be placed on the shelves. The sideboard is considered a legacy of the Soviet era, but its modern types meet all fashion trends. The practical sideboard has lower sections constructed from durable solid wood — it is not afraid of bumps and sudden movements, like glass.

Living room furniture22Living room furniture23Living room furniture24

Furniture for the living room is the face of the apartment, which can negate the good impression of all the stylish solutions used in the renovation. The finished interior should look like a complete single mosaic of several parts that harmonize with each other and are freely replaceable. The slightest mistake in choosing the nuances of the situation will cause discomfort during the rest.

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