living room design with fireplace

living room design in a house with a fireplace

The living room with a fireplace in a country house traditionally remains the most comfortable and attractive room in which the whole family can gather in the evening, it is especially nice to do this in bad weather or in the cold winter. The design of a living room with a fireplace in a private house is most often designed in the style of expensive classics, while the room should have a fairly high ceiling and an area of ​​at least 20 squares.

In a small space it is better to install a modern electric fireplace, it will be a great alternative to the present.

Some rules for designing a house with a fireplace

The design of a living room with a fireplace in a private house can also be made in modern styles, the main thing is that the general concept of interior design is observed, so that the design looks harmoniously against the background of finishing materials and is combined with furniture.

A living room with a fireplace will fill the house with warmth, make it more comfortable, so the entire interior of this room should be aimed at relaxing and resting those present, and contribute to their beneficial emotional state.

A modern fireplace is already a decorative element in itself, so the main attention should be directed to it, especially if it is massive in size and decorated with beautiful tiles.

Upholstered furniture with natural fabric upholstery, Voltaire chairs with large, soft, rounded armrests, and small tea tables with round or square tabletops installed between them will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room with a fireplace.

Lighting in such rooms is desirable to have both primary and secondary, muted in the form of floor lamps or wall sconces with soft, diffused light, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and rest.

The interior of a living room with a fireplace in a wooden house requires simplicity, most often it is decorated in a rustic style, but the basic requirements for harmony and adherence to a single stylistic direction remain unchanged.

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