Living room decoration


living room decoration

The living room is the center of the house, the decoration of such a room should be attractive, taking into account fashion trends in this area. Modern materials and non-standard design options will help you come up with a unique interior for it.

Stylish living room — the dignity of the house

To design an original living room, there are several interesting ideas that can be used when developing a design.

Decorative decoration of the living room walls with wood, clapboard, MDF panels makes it possible to create a favorable indoor climate. Clapboard and MDF are a cheaper option. By lining the main wall with such material, you can make a bright accent in the room and create an atmosphere of unity with nature in it.

Wall panels will help create an attractive design:

  • in a minimalist style, you can use the strict geometry of the boards that make up a perfectly flat surface;
  • panels of different sizes, mounted in parallel planes — a fashionable direction for wall decoration;
  • classical panels are decorated with cornices, carved borders and patterned panels.

The living room can be an independent room or combined with a kitchen, dining room, in which case certain zones can be distinguished with different finishes. This is a fashion trend in modern design.

Finishing columns, arches, corners and chimney part the living room can be decorated with stone, brick, and floors with a podium or zoned with different tiles will help separate the resting place from the dining area.

Decorating the walls of the living room with photo wallpaper — an inexpensive opportunity to beautifully equip your home. Printed wallpapers are presented in a large number of options for realistic images with excellent color reproduction — from incredibly beautiful natural landscapes, large flowers to abstraction. Modern wallpaper is a practical and durable wall decoration for the living room, they are characterized by good quality.

Ceiling decoration in the living room plays a crucial role. The most fashionable trends:

  • stretch multi-level ceiling with original curly shapes and disguised modern lighting;
  • wood panels and beams, preferred for eco-style;
  • embossed stucco can decorate both the entire plane of the ceiling and its separate part.

Modern materials allow you to develop a stylish design for the living room, decorate it with high-quality decorative materials. Such decoration will make the room elegant and flawless.


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