Living-dining room design — zoning, ceiling and furniture


Dining room design

The lack of space often does not allow the owners of the house to allocate a separate room for a comfortable meal, in other cases, people themselves try to allocate a special area in the living room for the dining room. The main question is to harmoniously fit this space into a pleasant environment.

Living-dining room interior

The classic hall is designed exclusively for receiving guests, but in a modern interior, the owners are increasingly trying to use it as a multifunctional room. In this case, it is not easy to create a design for a dining-living room in an apartment; this work requires special planning techniques. Each piece of furniture needs to be allocated a suitable place, find decor, textiles and wallpaper of the appropriate color, ceiling and flooring of the proper type.

Dining room furniture

If you have a dual-use room that cannot boast of large dimensions, then it is better to purchase folding sets of dining and upholstered furniture. The dining area in the living room can be separated by a massive rack, wardrobe, sofa, bar, island table. These items are functional and can decorate the interior well. Soft corners with branded upholstery should not be installed in such rooms, leather seats and backs last longer. It is good to mask the unpresentable side of cabinets or cabinets with photo wallpapers or posters.

Dining room design 1

Living-dining room with fireplace

Installing a heater in an old design is a prerequisite for arranging a living room in many classic interiors. The easiest way is to equip an electric fireplace in the hall with an imitation of a burning live flame for a living-dining room in a minimalist style. You do not need permits from regulatory authorities and the arrangement of chimney channels. A real hearth running on solid fuel has its own advantages. Flickering tongues of fire create a feeling of comfort, a magnificent peaceful atmosphere.

The classic design of the dining-living room in a private house with a fireplace suggests the severity of forms, a neutral color palette, the presence of decorative ornaments in the form of moldings, and unobtrusive stucco molding. Hearths without ornate decor are used in a modern style. If you appreciate minimalism, then you should close the fireplaces with panels, without highlighting the chimney in a special way. Wall cladding in this case has a strict appearance, it is made with tiles, porcelain stoneware, metal or concrete coating.

Dining room design 2

Curtains in the dining room

In a spacious room, we have three or more windows that require appropriate decoration. If both zones are decorated in different styles, then it is better to make the curtains more in harmony with the living room decor. Curtains in such rooms get dirty faster. Use mixed fiber fabric, it is more practical and durable. The design of the kitchen of the dining-living room in an apartment with skillfully selected curtains can contribute to the appearance of a good appetite, quick relaxation after work at home.

Dining room design 3

Living-dining room — wallpaper

It is impossible to purchase materials of completely different quality in such a room. If they differ greatly in structure, density or texture, then this will be striking. It is better to buy the same type of wallpaper that has differences in patterns and colors. The design of the wall covering should have an extremely positive impact on the human psyche. Cold and gloomy shades are unacceptable in the dining room.

It is very easy and convenient to make zoning of the living room and dining room with wallpaper, the owners of the house do not even need to install partitions and additional structures in this case. Choose a material with a color that matches the purpose of this room. The wall next to the heater or TVs is decorated in bright and dark colors. The recreation area is pasted over with a coating of light and calm color, and the work area with a desk requires background shades that promote concentration.

Dining room design 4

living room ceiling design

The ceiling plane plays a huge role in the room, being not just a place for installing chandeliers and spotlights. The role of this space is to complement the interior, to take part in dividing the room into zones with the help of a special cladding. Many modern types of materials make it possible to perfectly mask niches, defects, and communications. These qualities have a stretch or suspended ceiling in the living room dining room, slatted or panel structures with a different number of levels.

It is convenient to highlight the dining area on the ceiling with a round or oval figure, while at the same time enhancing the lighting of the space due to a chandelier or spotlights. Plasterboard arches can be placed above soft sofas, effectively emphasizing a place to relax. We use our own color schemes for each allocated zone. It is always desirable to highlight the upper tiers in complex ceiling structures with more contrasting shades in relation to the lower tiers.

Dining room design 5

Living-dining room with stairs

Open stairs take up little space, but they allow you to visually connect the first and second floors into a single whole structure. The design of the living room dining room in a house with a staircase always looks interesting, often it becomes the main object of the design composition. Under the flight of stairs it is easy to equip a small room, a library, an office. This functional architectural element is able to perfectly divide the room into zones. It is convenient to arrange a dining room near the span leading to the second floor, especially if there is a large window on the opposite wall.

Dining room design 6

Design of a living room combined with a dining room

The choice of design for such a room depends on the taste of the owner of the house and the size of the room. Some styles are universal and fit perfectly, both in a huge studio room and in a tiny Khrushchev. Most luxurious classic destinations require space, high ceilings, so it is better not to use them in a small apartment. You should first consider the interior design of the dining room on paper or in electronic form, make careful financial calculations so that the money spent is fully paid off by the chic look of the renovated housing.

Living-dining room in Provence style

It is not too difficult to implement this French design, but the owners must completely abandon everything gloomy, artificial, plastic. Preference should be given to natural finishes and light colors. A white clean and well-groomed living room dining room Provence looks fun and fresh if you find aged furniture for it, wrought iron chairs, a beautiful chandelier with a lampshade. If you want to get a room in sunny colors, then paste over it with pale yellow wallpaper, decorate window openings with cafe-type curtains, fill the space with wooden retro furniture.

Olive-colored furniture is perfect for walls in terracotta tones; you can additionally purchase fabric napkins, pillows and other checkered or floral textiles here. Classic Provence requires ceilings with open beams, but this option is not possible in apartments. The urban living room, combined with the dining room, can be decorated with polyurethane panels, MDF panels for natural texture. On the floor should be laid boards, tiles or laminate wood in natural shades. It is good to find handmade decor for such an interior.

Dining room design 7

Living-dining room in a classic style

Modern pieces of furniture in the classics are used in exceptional cases, and it is better to mask household appliances with panels. Minimize the presence of electronic devices, install the most necessary things in plain sight — a TV, refrigeration equipment, a stove. Plastic in such an environment will look like an alien inclusion, it is replaced with wood or materials that can imitate stone, wood with skillful carvings. Headsets get the traditional type of leather and wood with figured legs and beautiful upholstery.

The interior of the living-dining room in a classic style should be decorated in pastel soothing colors, gilding is allowed on the walls, ceiling, facade, legs, and other furniture elements. The walls of the room are pasted over with expensive fabric or non-woven wallpaper with elegant patterns, painting, the use of artistic plaster is welcome. In the dining area, tiles, mosaics, porcelain tiles, parquet are laid on the floor. Marble or plaster columns act as an excellent decoration.

Dining room design 8

Living-dining rooms in a modern style

For a high-tech interior, you should purchase headsets with gloss, metallic colors, silver, white, black. Instead of traditional wood, glass, plastic, chrome-plated metal are used here. Ornate design is not welcome, the interior should be filled with furnishings of strict geometric shapes. Such a living and dining room in the same room should be lit with ultra-modern spotlights or the latest chandeliers.

Dining room design 9

Living and dining chalet

In the classic version of the chalet, there should be ceiling structures in the form of protruding beam ceilings, walls made of natural stone, flooring made of painted or varnished boards. The living room and dining room in a country house is much easier to arrange in this style. There will be no problems with a wood-burning fireplace, animal skins in the country will look quite organic.

The original design of the chalet in natural colors with rough wooden furniture is perfect for any living-dining room located in a wooden house. In addition to hunting trophies for interior decoration, you can buy nature-themed paintings, chests, chests of drawers, wicker and forged items, family photos, ancient weapons and wall clocks.

Dining room design 10

Loft-style living-dining room

One of the features of the loft style is an open layout, so it is perfect for combined rooms. Ideas for the dining-living room should be decorated in an industrial way. It is required to expose brickwork or cover part of the walls with materials with a similar pattern. Pipelines, hood, other modern appliances with chrome details look great in such an environment. It is noteworthy that in a loft apartment it is allowed to combine modern furniture with antiques.

Dining room design 11

The desire to combine rest with the process of eating in the best way arises among the owners of both spacious housing and owners of small apartments who are faced with a serious problem of saving space. A narrow living room requires one design solution, a square apartment combined with a dining room requires completely different approaches. You will have to take into account the location of the fireplace, stairs, textiles and furniture. If you foresee all the nuances and successfully choose the style, then you can avoid a sharp contrast within a single space, successfully create a harmonious interior at home.


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