Lilac wallpaper

Lilac wallpaper

Lilac is associated with early spring, the first flowers and a certain peace. It is calm yet sophisticated. With the help of lilac wallpaper, you can create gentle and inspiring interiors. Against the background of lilac walls, pieces of furniture of wood, black, white and purple palettes look especially harmonious.

Lilac wallpaper in the interior

Lilac wallpaper will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room. With a successful combination with other shades and colors, the room will be filled with light, warmth, it will become wider and more spacious. The best lilac tandems are obtained with milky, white, pink, purple and yellow. Lilac wallpaper with patterns, as well as combined lilac wallpaper, fit perfectly into the living room.

Lilac wallpaper in the bedroom is a great find. What colors go with lilac wallpaper in the bedrooms: straw, beige, gold. The first two colors create light, carefree and cozy interiors. And gold will bring a certain charm, luxury, which must be supported by expensive furniture and silk curtains. If you need to visually expand the walls or raise the ceiling, use lilac striped wallpaper — horizontal or vertical, wide or narrow.

Lilac wallpaper in the nursery must be chosen carefully. They should be as light as possible. Dark, rich lilac walls do not contribute to creating the right psychological atmosphere for the child. But light and translucent shades will successfully fit into the nursery, especially if you combine them with pink and white.

Lilac wallpaper in the kitchen can be embossed, patterned or plain. You can combine them with peach, chocolate or silver flowers. Refrigerator and furniture set, it is advisable to choose brighter shades that are well combined with lilac, for example, pale green. Then the most ordinary items like a microwave or a mixer will become bright and interesting accents against the general background.

The subtleties of using wallpaper in lilac tones

The lilac color is so self-sufficient that it is unlikely to be made just a background color. Rather, it is he who will become the dominant in the room, and all other objects and colors will only help in placing the necessary accents. So, milky upholstery on furniture or white edging of window and door openings will be an excellent accent.

The latest trends in the design of lilac interiors relate to the active use of floral prints, patterns, and ornaments. Creative patterns on the wallpaper give extra freshness and space.

Glossy furniture surfaces are combined very well with the lilac color of the walls. Together they create an original visual effect.

No need to use too much lilac in the rooms. Combine it with beige, milky, white, black, gray. But remember that even minimized lilac will still attract attention and remain dominant.

Conventionally, all shades of lilac are divided into pale tones, rich and bright shades. And if the first category of wallpaper is often used as a general background for creating a modern interior style, then entire zones in space can be distinguished with rich shades.

Bright and dark shades of lilac are a great opportunity for highlighting and forming inserts, contrasts, zoning. However, bright and rich lilac wallpapers can only be used in well-lit rooms. For example, in living rooms with large windows facing south. Alternatively, you can intelligently position the fixtures to add missing natural light.

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