Lilac curtains

Lilac curtains, provided they are properly selected, guarantee a lot of decorative advantages. They create a friendly atmosphere in the living room, cheer up the children in their room, gently diffuse the light and visually enlarge the kitchen, give excellent rest in the bedroom.

Lilac curtains in the interior

Curtains in the lilac bedroom should have a rich shade. For example, it can be a heavy velvet curtain that falls in noble folds, covering the window opening from the sun and creating an incredibly sleepy mood. It is advisable to have a couple of pillows or a bedspread in the room to match the curtains. The basic rule for spacious rooms is that the larger your bedroom, the more saturated the lilac shade of the curtains should be. And for lovers of contrasts, we can recommend experiments with black and bright yellow.

If you want to hang lilac curtains in the hall, you need to know some subtleties. For example, in combination with white, lilac curtains will make the room more feminine. And for a masculine interior, choose dark lilac, lavender and purple curtains against a gray wall background. No need to combine soft purple shades with bright and flashy tones. You can use all sorts of decorative accessories.

Lilac curtains for the kitchen are better to choose cold shades. They will create the perfect mood, besides, they do not stimulate the appetite. The combination of lilac with white facades of kitchen furniture is optimal in this room. Rich purple accessories and dishes will look very advantageous. Functionally and romantically, you can decorate a window in the kitchen with the help of Roman blinds.

In children’s rooms, lilac curtains can be used safely. Especially in combination with bright colors such as bright green, acid pink, white. For teenagers, it is preferable to combine purple curtains with gray walls and furniture of varying degrees of saturation. For a girl, a very delicate interior can be created using lilac organza as curtains.

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