Laminate for the bathroom — which one to put on the floor, walls, ceiling?

Laminate for the bathroom - what is the best way to use an unusual coating for this room?

It may seem that bathroom laminate is something out of the realm of fantasy. The opinion was established that this material is afraid of water, dampness and it is not advisable to use it in a room with a high level of humidity. But this is not entirely true, now a laminate with special characteristics is an excellent alternative to tile.

Is it possible to lay laminate in the bathroom?

The developers recommend laying only certain types of laminated panels in bathrooms:

  1. Moisture resistant, based on a particularly dense HDF board impregnated with wax and antibacterial composition. The material withstands humid air, but the direct impact of water on its surface without swelling «tolerates» for 3-6 hours, depending on the density of the base. It is recommended for rooms with good ventilation, where residents behave carefully and liquid rarely gets on the floor.
  2. Waterproof laminate for the bathroom, it uses PVC board pressed under high pressure, the surface is covered with a layer of polymer with moisture-repellent properties. The planks are impregnated with hot wax so that the gaps between the layers are sealed. Such a coating is not afraid of flooding, scratches, damage, it does not even leave marks from a hammer blow.

Bathroom laminate class

When choosing a waterproof laminate for the bathroom, you need to pay attention to the material class 32-33. The quality of such a coating is high, in its original form it remains for a long time. Boards of this type are durable, designed for places with high traffic, the outer layer is resistant to abrasion, thick, designed for long-term work. Manufacturers give it a guarantee of at least 20 years, and some brands — for life (provided that it is mounted in a home). Material class 32-33 allows you not to think about the rules for the operation of the coating.

Bathroom finish with laminate

Modern designers often suggest using a waterproof laminate for finishing a bathroom; it is used for covering any surfaces — floors, walls, even ceilings. This is due to the advantages of the material:

  1. High strength, no breaks on impact.
  2. Absolute waterproof.
  3. A wide range of textures, shades, the ability to imitate natural wood.
  4. Ease of installation.
  5. Warm, comfortable texture.
  6. Ease of care, the possibility of cleaning with detergents.

Laminate bathroom sheathing is made on a flat area, covered in advance with a thin waterproofing film. The material creates an additional sound-absorbing and heat-insulating layer. The locks on it are impregnated with a thick layer of waterproof putty, which ensures hermetic joining of the dies and prevents moisture from entering the structure after installation. As for the appearance of the coating, in addition to lamellas of all shades of wood, there is a bathroom laminate on sale that imitates:

  • natural parquet;
  • natural stone;
  • skin;
  • tiles;
  • marble and granite;
  • metal.

Laminate on the wall in the bathroom

Water-repellent laminate on the wall in the bathroom is more difficult to fix than on the floor. Its fixation is carried out on the crate, in advance in parallel stuffed on the surfaces. Each lamella is glued to the frame with glue and additionally fixed to the bar with small carnations or a stapler in the spike of the lock. The best way to level the walls for facing with laminated boards is to install drywall on the frame. Then each lamella will ideally lie on a flat sheet. Possible types of finishing — horizontal, vertical, diagonal, combined.

laminate on the wall in the bathroom

Laminate flooring in the bathroom

Finishing the bathroom with laminate is done on flat surfaces. This is necessary for high-quality laying of the material. The floor is leveled in advance with a screed, after which waterproofing made of foamed PVC or polystyrene is laid over the entire surface. Planks on the floor are fixed among themselves due to the locking mechanism. In addition to linear laying, it is possible to perform curly in the form of a ladder, herringbone, squares, and other elements. Diagonal and combined placement of drawings requires preliminary marking.

laminate flooring in the bathroom

Laminate bathroom ceiling

You can also fix a water-repellent bathroom laminate on the ceiling. After using such planks in the decoration, the room will gain solidity, because a product that imitates natural wood or stone looks more expensive than plastic. At the same time, the thermal protection and sound insulation of the room are improved, the smooth surface of the material perfectly reflects light, improving the illumination of the bathroom.

Putting together individual lamellas on the ceiling is easy — thanks to the system of locks connecting the dies to each other, and the ability to fasten them with a stapler or clamps. In order to fix the panels, a bulky frame is not needed. It is necessary to make a crate and mount the lamellas on it, while the volume of the room decreases minimally. If you assemble the frame, then in the ceiling space you can hide all engineering and electrical communications, it is easy to fix the required number of lamps in the structure.

laminate bathroom ceiling

Which laminate to choose for the bathroom?

To the question of whether it is possible to put a laminate in the bathroom, the answer is yes, but for this it is better to purchase a waterproof material. It is produced on the basis of:

  • chipboard panels with reinforced resin impregnation;
  • on a plastic basis;
  • vinyl based.

The first type of coating is cheaper, but during prolonged flooding it absorbs moisture, swells under the influence of liquid, deforms, and is prone to decay. Therefore, it is better to use a new generation coating — a waterproof laminate for a bathroom on a plastic or vinyl basis, it is absolutely non-hygroscopic, not afraid of fungus, and environmentally friendly.

Vinyl laminate in the bathroom

Innovative bathroom vinyl laminate flooring is a practical solution. It is made of polyvinyl chloride, does not deform when the temperature rises, does not absorb odors, and is completely waterproof. The material consists of 4 layers: the first protects against scratches and impacts, the second contains a decorative pattern, the bottom two provide elasticity and strength. The coating is slightly bent, has a large margin of strength. The material is produced in the form of boards, tiles, in rolls, there are varieties of lamellas with a self-adhesive base.

bathroom vinyl laminate

pvc laminate for bathroom

Plastic laminate for the bathroom is a completely artificial coating based on cellular PVC, it is absolutely not afraid of water and does not deform from moisture, is not affected by microorganisms. Air chambers inside the slab provide increased strength, sound and heat insulation of the material. The surface of the plates is visually indistinguishable from traditional ones. It is a decorative layer imitating wood, stone, tiles with a protective lamination layer that preserves the pattern from abrasion.

pvc laminate for bathroom

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