Interior doors in Provence style

Interior doors in Provence style

If you decide to decorate your house, apartment or just one room in the style of the French province, then you will undoubtedly need to choose the right version of the Provence-style interior door, because without it the interior will look unfinished.

Provence style doors in the interior

There are two main options for decorating doors in a similar style.

The first is wooden doors in the Provence style. This whole tradition of interior decoration, in principle, tends to use natural materials, and therefore wood is the most preferred option. Doors made of completely wooden canvas are perfect for separating a bathroom and a corridor, a bedroom and a room, an office, that is, those rooms where privacy is needed. The most popular are two opening / closing mechanisms: swing doors and sliding doors in the Provence style.

Provence-style doors with glass look lighter and more airy. Kitchen, dining room, living room, hall — all these rooms will be perfectly complemented by doors with inserted glass. Moreover, it can be both transparent and matte. The Provence style is also characterized by the application of patterns to glass, most often with gold edging.

Provence style door design

If we talk about individual design, then there are several of the most common solutions.

Aged doors in the Provence style are one of them, since this whole style is imbued with a certain touch of vintage. To give an aged effect, special craquelure varnishes are often used, creating a network of small cracks on the surface of the door.

The most common in terms of color are white doors in the Provence style, other options: blue, olive, lilac, pale pink. Sometimes a double-staining technique is used: first, the door is painted in a brighter color, and a loose layer of white paint is applied on top of it, through which the original coating is visible. White doors are also often decorated with paintings or in other interesting ways.

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