Ideas for a small bedroom, how to choose a wallpaper color?


small bedroom ideas

Planning interiors for small spaces is not an easy task, but it is doable. Proper planning, a good selection of colors, the use of decor and accents, original design ideas for a small bedroom will allow you to decorate the space beautifully, comfortably and in an original way.

Design Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Interior planning is greatly influenced by the shape and size of the room. Design ideas for a small bedroom in Khrushchev are based on the principles of compact apartment design. Minimalist designs are popular, characterized by maximum comfort with limited use of decor. Shabby chic and vintage attract with antique furniture, Japanese style can inspire the creation of a fashionable environment. It is important to use techniques to increase space, correctly choose the color of floor and wall coverings, and create beautiful accents.

Ceilings for a small bedroom

A light palette in surface finishing leads to a visual increase in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. White, beige, cream colors for a small bedroom are perfect. Drywall, stretch coatings, whitewash or wallpaper are used to finish the top of the room. The ceiling, painted in a radiant light shade, will help visually expand the apartment. You can decorate it with neat polyurethane skirting boards with a beautiful ornament.

small bedroom ideas 1

A good visual effect of increasing the space gives another trick — the ceiling is finished in the same color as the walls. In this case, the clear geometry of the room is erased, it looks more voluminous. Popular ideas for a small bedroom to use glossy stretch ceilings. They well correct the dimensions of the room due to the reflective surface of the film. With a well-placed backlight, a chandelier and lots of flickering light bulbs, the beautiful two-level forms of the tensile structures are a chic sight.

small bedroom ideas 2

How to choose wallpaper for a small bedroom?

The color palette of wall coverings affects the overall perception of the dimensions of the room and the emotional state of the residents. The color of the wallpaper for a small bedroom is better to choose light, it will make the atmosphere lighter and freer, help create a peaceful, calm atmosphere. White, pastel, gray shades will visually enlarge the room and become an excellent backdrop for furniture and bright accent ideas in the interior. You can use light shades of blue, light green, pink on surfaces, the material of a shiny texture is relevant, with a silver or gold plating.

small bedroom ideas 3

Ideas for a small bedroom for pasting one of the walls with contrasting wallpaper are in demand. This technique gives the room originality. Creating an accent plane above the head of the bed from wooden panels or using patterned textiles, large-format images of nature, flowers, cities is an original solution for decorating a place to sleep. The rest of the walls are decorated in a single-color version, one patterned surface is enough for a small room.

small bedroom ideas 4

Photo wallpaper for a small bedroom

You can deceive the perception of space with the help of panoramic images. Wall murals with a perspective pattern can create a feeling of additional volume. Realistic landscapes expand the dimensions of the room, the use of lighting or fluorescent paint will create a real miracle in the room, from which it will be impossible to take your eyes off. The best style for a small bedroom is minimalism, classic or Japanese. Under them, it is easy to pick up a plot on the wall — sakura branches, natural landscapes, city blocks. It is customary to occupy one wall with such wallpaper.

small bedroom ideas 5

Curtains for a small bedroom

When decorating a window in a small room, it is recommended to give priority to fabrics without large patterns. Plain curtains, suspended from the ceiling on a hidden cornice, pull the room up with even folds. It is recommended to hang them the entire width of the wall so that the window looks good in a small room. With the idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba monochrome apartment design, you can use curtains with drawings.

small bedroom ideas 6

The color of textiles for framing a window opening should be combined with fabrics for decorating furniture. The design of curtains for a small bedroom should be as concise as possible. They do not use a lot of fabric, a translucent material is selected, falling in soft folds. Even curtains with the correct drapery or with small, neat tie-backs on the sides will do.

small bedroom ideas 7

Curtains for a small bedroom

Curtains can transform the interior, make it spacious and light. Lightweight tulle for a small bedroom with draperies that gives the room airiness and weightlessness is the perfect idea for decorating a window. For this, two canvases of different shades are used, creating together an elegant composition. Contrasting tiebacks matched to the accent elements in the interior will help create a complete design.

small bedroom ideas 8

Harmoniously in a small classic room, shortened French curtains of light texture with elegant soft drapery will look harmonious. For a minimalist setting, rolled or Japanese canvases on the windows are suitable. Thread curtains decorated with stones or beads are innovative original ideas for decorating a small room. They look airy and light, attract with elegance, you can combine material of different colors in the composition.

small bedroom ideas 9

Podium for a small bedroom

A small room is an occasion for rational organization of space. The design for a small bedroom with a podium is a brilliant idea that allows you to significantly save space in the room. This design fits perfectly into the interior of a small room. The podium acts as a bed and a storage system, it can be equipped with drawers. In order to save space, sometimes it is equipped with an additional roll-out bed, which is used to accommodate guests as needed.

small bedroom ideas 10

The design is sheathed with wood, textiles, panels, can be decorated with a canopy, a screen. It is made a few centimeters more than a bed or occupies most of the room, then bedside tables or lounge chairs are installed on the podium. It is especially harmonious to place a bed near a large window, such an idea of ​​\u200b\u200blocation allows you to admire street beauties right in bed.

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Lamp for a small bedroom

If the design of the room is done correctly, it looks graceful and elegant. In the interior for a small bedroom, you need to pick up several types of modern lamps, they will add brightness and mystery to the atmosphere. To make the room look more voluminous, preference should be given to devices with a soft diffused glow. For this, lamps with shades, lampshades, glass or textile caps are used. High floor lamps, sconces above the headboard, ceiling lights will help create a cozy atmosphere and visually expand the space.

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Furniture for a small bedroom

In a small room there should not be anything superfluous. Bedroom furniture for a small room is selected in small sizes, without any frills, with hidden storage systems. A great idea is low models without legs with clear lines without large patterns on the upholstery, for example, an oriental-style bed. This allows you to make the room visually larger and lay out most of the things in inconspicuous niches. For the arrangement of the room, the most necessary pieces of furniture are selected, compact and as functional as possible.

Wardrobe for a small bedroom

To place the necessary interior elements in a limited space, every centimeter is used. Small bedroom walls with a minimal set of shelving or wardrobes are the best idea. They hold a lot of things while taking up little space. Wardrobes with glossy or mirrored doors from floor to ceiling on the entire wall visually make the room more spacious, and the ceilings are higher. An interesting idea is a lifting bed built into the wall. In such a room during the day, you can even organize a comfortable office.

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Small sofas for the bedroom

So that a small room does not seem cramped, it is necessary to choose the right furniture in it. Small sofas for the bedroom are used instead of a bed in order to save space in the room. When folded, they free up almost half a room. You can use models with side shelves, built-in drawers that create additional storage systems in the interior and additional comfort. The idea of ​​a room with a sofa looks practical and modern.

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Dressing table for a small bedroom

Even in a small area, you can find a place to equip a mini-boudoir for beauty. Dressing tables for a small bedroom can be built into a niche, placed in the corner of the room, placed instead of a bedside table and supplemented with a small mirror and an ottoman. Interesting multifunctional models. The table can be built directly into the cabinet instead of one of the shelves, it can even be attached to the mirrored door. A great idea for a small room is to install a dressing table instead of a window sill. Natural light when applying makeup is a good plus.

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Beds for a small bedroom

The simpler the interior of a small room, the better it reflects on its perception. The only major element of the interior in it should be a place to sleep. A double bed in a small bedroom can be installed right by the window. Such an arrangement will turn it into the most comfortable place in the house, it will have a beneficial effect on the psychological state of the owners. To save space, functional models with additional drawers and shelves at the head or under the bed are used.

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Original ideas for a small bedroom are the use of bunk beds or lifting beds. The attic model allows you to organize a relaxation area on the first tier in the form of a small sofa, and the sleeping bed is located at the top. Roll-up beds that hide in the closet make it possible to free up space in the room during the day, and at night turn into a full-fledged place to sleep. Modern transforming furniture is widely used in small spaces.

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Using design ideas for a small bedroom, allowing you to visually adjust the dimensions of the room, it is easy to turn even small apartments into a hearth of coziness and comfortable rest. It is important to adhere to the chosen style, observe harmony and correctly combine furniture, accessories and decor. Such simple rules will help create a cozy nest in which every day you want to strive after hard work worries.


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