How to fit a TV into the interior of the living room

In order for the TV to look harmonious, you need to choose it correctly. The key principle of such a choice is the size of the screen corresponding to the size of the room. Chasing a prestigious model with as large a diagonal as possible is wrong and even unhealthy. There is a medical norm at what minimum distance from the viewer the screen should be — and this is a value equal to two diagonals. If you put a large TV in a small living room, you will have to sit too close to the image, and this is harmful to your eyesight and nervous system.


So, you have decided on the size. Now it’s worth considering how exactly the TV will be placed in the room. This needs to be done before buying, because when choosing a place, you will better understand which model you need.

In addition to the size and distance to the sofa / armchair, the viewing angle is important: from what point you can watch the programs, so that the image is not distorted. The best option is to sit opposite or almost opposite. If this is not possible, at least make sure that your eyes are not directed at the TV screen at too sharp an angle.

Fastening the panel to the wall with special brackets dictates its own requirements. During operation, it is convenient to rotate the screen so as to provide the best visibility. To do this, you need to choose fasteners that allow you to perform such manipulations. Think about how to connect additional equipment and where to hide the wires hanging from the wall.


What to do if the TV does not fit

It happens that the TV does not fit into the concept of the living room — but there are no other options for its placement. In order not to abandon it completely, you can try to reconcile it with the interior or hide it. Here’s what the designers are suggesting.

Tip 1. To divert attention from the TV, place it near a larger or more eye-catching object. It can be a slide with a rich collection of dishes, a fireplace, a bright picture on the wall. The gaze will cling to something more attractive, and the TV will seem to fall out of sight.

Tip 2. The classic trick is to hide what you don’t want to show. Put the TV in the niche of the furniture wall. This will hide it, even if the niche is open — even better when it is possible to close it with doors. Of course, this advice can only be applied to a small TV.

As you can see, the furniture for the TV zone, for all its secondary importance, solves important problems. Its practical purpose is to place video and audio equipment in such a way that it is convenient to use them. In addition, it plays a purely interior role, adding color to your living room or, on the contrary, softening certain accents.


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