How to decorate the walls in the corridor?

How to decorate the walls in the corridor

The decision regarding the decoration of the walls in the corridor, it is advisable to take based on the size of the room, while not violating the overall style of the interior. Also, the material chosen for finishing the walls of this part of the apartment must be wear-resistant, because it will be subject to frequent cleaning.

Wall decoration with wallpaper, panels and plastic

Traditionally, some part of the population tends to wallpaper the walls in the corridor. This choice is facilitated by a large number of collections, colors, textures, and most importantly, the ability to stick wallpaper on your own, which can be either paper or vinyl. On one wall in the corridor, at the same time, you can stick photo wallpapers.

The optimal solution for wall decoration in the corridor would be a laminate on the lower part of the wall, while the upper one can be covered with wallpaper. Laminate, can be replaced with any other panels suitable for use on the walls in the corridor.

Plastic walls in the corridor look very modern. This finishing option will be one of the most practical for this room, since plastic is easy to clean, it does not leave stains, it is easy to install and is a fairly inexpensive material.

Stone, brick and wall tiles in the hallway

The stone on the wall in the corridor looks very modern and stylish, especially since modern technologies provide us with its high-quality imitation. It is not necessary to finish all the walls of the corridor with this expensive material, you can only decorate doorways with it or combine it with wallpaper, plaster. By the same principle, you can arrange brick walls in the corridor.

One of the traditional and proven materials suitable for laying on walls in the corridor is ceramic tile, it is durable and practical, easily combined with other finishing materials.

Wall painting and plastering

One of the finishing options is painting the walls in the hallway, the only drawback of which is that the walls need to be perfectly aligned. It is best to use water-dispersion types of paints.

A fairly new, but already beloved, option for decorating walls in the corridor is decorative plaster. This type of finish coexists perfectly with other materials, for example, with stone.

If you want to bring something unusual to the design of the room, then frescoes can be applied to the walls in the corridor. This is a fairly new direction in decorating residential premises.

And finally, you can put drawings on the walls in the corridor, they will enliven, decorate and give comfort, even to such a room as a corridor.

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