High-tech bedroom — wallpapers, furniture, chandeliers in the interior


high tech bedroom

Strict forms and lack of decor predispose to relaxation in a secluded room where the high-tech bedroom is located. A practical and elegant room is at the service of the household, perfectly equipped for rest from daytime worries and sleep.

high tech bedroom1

High-tech bedroom design

There is an opinion that the high-tech bedroom with its minimalism does not fit well with the atmosphere of bliss and carelessness, causing a state of relaxation that should reign in a room intended for sleeping. This view is belied by the fact that with the development of modern technology, high-tech apartments win the hearts of fans and make their wallets open. The bedrooms are part of a new generation apartment.

The main features of the high-tech direction include the following characteristics:

  • line clarity;
  • geometric shapes;
  • convenience;
  • simplicity;
  • universality;
  • minimal accessories.

In the design of the high-tech bedroom, calm smoky or anthracite shades of gray are used. Domino color combinations are widely used. The rigid construction of the furniture uses metal and glass, which appeal to people whose tastes have been formed in modern times. The peculiarities of arranging apartments on the principles of technogenicity are still surprising, since modern automation can change the configuration of a room by moving walls and adjust the lighting in the desired mode.

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High-tech wallpaper in the bedroom

Interior design begins with the choice of color for the walls. The high-tech bedroom design is decided in dark combinations of ultramarine and indigo. Not alien to the direction and light colors. Nevertheless, the gray scale dominates, which is allowed in all variations from pearl shades to anthracite. It is also important that it harmonizes with black details and sets off the white elements that are basic for this direction. Wallpaper is better to choose plain, but the uniqueness of the interior can be emphasized with a pattern imitating stone, brick or metal.

There are many types of wallpapers:

  • acrylic;
  • synthetic;
  • textile;
  • vinyl;
  • from natural fibers;
  • eliminating static electricity.

When choosing wallpaper, you should bet on samples that are durable and moisture resistant, as well as easy to stick on walls and subsequent care.

First of all, you need to look at the condition of the wall, if it is in excellent condition, samples of a silky or glossy texture will do. If the walls are not in perfect condition, it is better to bet on models with embossing or with a certain texture. Vinyl wallpaper will help to hide small defects in the walls.

high-tech bedroom3

High-tech bedroom curtains

To complete the privacy and protect from light or casual glances of passers-by, curtains in a high-tech bedroom are essential. They are involved in the design of the room and must be consistent with the design of the room. High-tech curtains are required to comply with the following characteristics:

  • straight lines;
  • clear outlines;
  • correct geometry;
  • lack of soft folds and splendor;
  • lack of decor;
  • material treated with sunscreen and dust repellent components.

These conditions correspond to vertical and horizontal blinds made of various materials (plastic, metal, fabric impregnated with a special composition), having strips of various widths and mechanisms that provide opening or closing of the curtain. Roll modifications and versions that form a cascade look harmoniously in the design of the bedroom.

high tech bedroom4

High-tech bedroom curtains

The interior of the high-tech bedroom is completed with the use of curtains on the grommets or cornices. The material is chosen dense so that the blackout is complete and the light does not interfere with falling asleep, and if there is a TV in the bedroom, it does not create glare on the screen. In addition, the curtains on the windows create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that enhances the sense of security. The color scheme is selected in compliance with harmonious echoes with other components of the room. A high-tech bedroom may require the use of gray, white and black colors, but dark tones of blue and burgundy can also be applied.

high-tech bedroom5

Chandelier in the bedroom hi-tech

Setting the light is one of the main design elements. High-tech style in the interior of the bedroom involves the use of steel and glass chandeliers. The exceptional simplicity of geometric modifications is the key to versatility. Chandeliers can be made in the form of a circle, square or rectangle, as well as in curved versions. Device manufacturing technologies allow you to adjust the lighting intensity.

In high-tech style, there is a trend towards the use of industrial lamps. This form is so versatile that there are numerous variations. Finding a modification that matches the preferences of the owners is not difficult. Hangers also exist in small or massive variations. Some lighting fixtures allow you to select the number of branches that are needed in a particular case.

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High-tech bedroom sconce

In order to succeed in choosing a luminaire for maximum comfort, it is worth paying attention to the optimal location of the device. The minimalist design with an emphasis on functionality emphasizes the style of the room. The area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room can be determined by the model of the lighting fixture, so a narrow high-tech bedroom will require the use of wall varieties, and a spacious room of floor lamps.

Luminaires are selected in the appropriate size and design. For minimalist style, sconces, bedside lamps and floor lamps, made in white, black or gray, are suitable. Models that can be oriented in space at will and deployed in any direction are very convenient. Lighting fixtures can give a room character and personality.

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Wardrobe in the bedroom in high-tech style

Volumetric wardrobe is used in almost all bedrooms. About dressing rooms occupying a separate room, many people can only dream of. High-tech bedroom furniture has a built-in wardrobe as an integral part, so that minimalism is not burdened by bulky items. Built-in options can accommodate a significant amount of clothing. To avoid clutter, they are equipped with various compartments for storing underwear, ties, trousers and dresses.

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Bed in the high-tech bedroom

The heart of the bedroom and a favorite place for many people — the bed is made in several versions:

  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • on the podium;
  • on legs;
  • with lifting mechanism for the mattress.

A small hi-tech bedroom can make do with less storage space if the bed is equipped with built-in drawers for storing blankets, towels and linens that are not in use. For small apartments, an excellent alternative to a fixed bed is a lift bed, which serves to free up space.

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Bedside cabinet for high-tech bedroom

When you lie down you need some space to be able to put a book or glasses. For this, a bedside table is used. Comfortable and beautiful high-tech bedrooms, produced in a modular version, make it possible to choose a modification that suits tastes and needs. Drawer nightstands are perfect for being able to store small items that can be reached while staying in bed.

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High-tech bedroom TV

Scientists disagree on whether television helps or hinders sleep. This question, everyone decides for himself. In any case, the TV should not be the center of your bedroom, but it is worth watching it only from time to time. To save space, you can mount the screen on the wall. Remember that the bedroom should be a quiet place, and the bed should remain the main piece of furniture.

White high-tech bedrooms are good for relaxing people with one psychological type, while others prefer to fall asleep in gray or dark interiors, but it is important for everyone to have a quiet time before bed. Watching TV just before falling asleep is more likely to cause overexcitation, which will affect the quality of time spent in bed.

high tech bedroom11

The hi-tech bedroom has taken a strong place in the houses and apartments of minimalist style lovers to offer their own ways of arranging the sleeping space. The quality of furniture, lamps and finishing materials is based on the latest advances in manufacturing technology. How well the bedroom fits into a particular apartment is a matter of taste for the owners.


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