Hallways to the corridor

Hallways to the corridor

The well-thought-out design of the hallway, as the room we enter when we cross the threshold of any house, is just as important as the living room, bedroom or kitchen. After all, no one will argue that the impression of the house, first of all, is made up of the impression of the hallway in it. Therefore, the right choice of a hallway, as an element of furniture, is a rather crucial moment. So, a few small recommendations. Since the hallway in many apartments (houses) is a corridor, the parameters and external design of the “hallway” furniture will largely depend on its size.

Modern hallways in the corridor

The modern furniture industry offers a fairly wide selection of hallways for every taste, every price category and in various decorations. Therefore, the difficulty in acquiring may lie only in the correctness of the choice. In this case, you should focus not only on your individual preferences and capabilities, but also take into account the recommendations of professional interior designers. As a rule, all entrance halls to the corridor have traditional components made in one size or another — a wardrobe and a hanger with a shoe compartment, a hat rack and a mirror. This is, so to speak, a mini set of a hallway to the corridor.

In the spacious corridor, you can install a large entrance hall, which can additionally include a cabinet for shoes, an umbrella stand, a pouffe or a bench for sitting (a seat can also be a structural element of a cabinet for shoes) and other elements.

But at present, hallways to the corridor with a system of sliding doors such as «coupe» are becoming more and more popular. The beauty of these hallways is that they are roomy and comfortable. In addition, they can be made to order, depending on individual requests and needs. Even in the smallest corridor, you can install a small hallway in the form of a closet with various internal contents, in which the door leaf is made in the form of a mirror for greater convenience. The possibility of individual execution also allows the “hallway” furniture in the form of a wardrobe to be placed in a long narrow corridor. In this case, the cabinet is made with a width of no more than 40-50 cm.

For those who are trying to pick up a hallway in a very small corridor, designers advise you to pay attention to such a furnishing option as a modular hallway. The peculiarity of such furniture sets is that you can choose the most necessary modules, which in any case can be successfully combined with each other. And in order to visually maximize the space in such a corridor, another tip from interior designers is to finish the room and choose a hallway for it in white.

A corner hallway in any of its designs — traditional or closet — will successfully fit into a small square-format corridor. With this arrangement of furniture, the surrounding space is significantly saved due to the successful use of the so-called. blind area of ​​the corner.

Materials for the manufacture of hallways

In conclusion, a few words about the materials from which furniture «hallway» can be made. Traditionally, for the manufacture of furniture of a high price category, including hallways, natural wood is used. For mass production, MDF boards are most often used, less often chipboard, which are covered with veneer that imitates various surfaces for greater decorative effect. For the design of the door leaf in wardrobes, MDF boards, and mirror sheets, and processed or artistically designed glass can be used in various ways.

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