hallway design

There can be a lot of hallway design ideas, the main thing is to choose one, the most suitable one, which would create, in addition to positive impressions, maximum comfort and coziness.

Hallway design options

If the premises in the apartment are small or non-standard, then it is possible to combine the kitchen and the hallway into a common space and perform a joint design in them. This is a rather difficult solution, but it solves the problem of small areas. It is necessary to plan the design of such a room based on its functional needs.

The design of a narrow hallway should not be done in dark colors. It is preferable to divide the narrow corridor into two zones: the entrance and the entrance hall itself. Separation can be made using a different floor covering. It is desirable to cover a small space in the hallway near the front door with tiles, this is very practical, and then, according to the chosen design, you can lay floors from any other material. Since the floor in the corridor is subject to frequent wet cleaning, it would be wise to use tiles on the entire floor surface in the corridor, extending it also to the floor area in the kitchen. Laid in mosaic or diagonally large ceramic tiles on the floor will visually increase the space of the hallway.

The ideal design option is a built-in entrance hall, it allows you to make the most of the space. Such furniture is made to order, while taking into account all the wishes of the client, which in turn allows you to choose the equipment, materials, and finishes.

Hallway wall, ceiling and floor design

The design of the walls in the hallway is very important, it attracts the most attention. There are a large number of finishes, the main thing is to choose the one that will be the most suitable. You can use one type of finish, such as paneling or painting, but you can also make a combined wall finish, it looks richer and more stylish.

They look very nice when choosing a design for a hallway, walls pasted over with wallpaper with a vertical stripe or a geometric pattern, especially in combination with smooth panels. The main thing is to choose materials and colors that are harmoniously combined with each other. A very good solution would be to equip one of the walls in the hallway with a large illuminated mirror, while visually increasing the space of the room.

When choosing a material for floor design in the hallway, you need to take into account its durability, for example, ceramic tiles should not be lower than the third class, and with a rough texture. The smooth surface of the tile will be very slippery for the floor, for the same reason it is better to refuse linoleum. When using laminate for flooring, you need to choose a moisture-resistant type, at least for the area located near the front door itself. The rest of the area can be laid with a conventional laminate.

In the hallway, the design of the ceiling also plays an important role. Let’s contrast it with the color of the walls. The ceiling can be either lighter than the walls or darker, this will give a special flavor to the room. Such a detail as lighting looks very colorful in the design of the ceiling; halogen lamps are the most suitable for lighting the corridor.

In private houses or in duplex apartments, you have to design a hallway with a staircase. If the dimensions of the hallway allow, then the stairs can be made of any material, up to marble or granite. For small spaces, it is better to use screw structures, they look lighter and take up less space. Any staircase should be well lit and preferably covered with a coating.

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