Hall design

Do you live in an apartment or in a private house and have decided to change the interior design in the lobby? Well, this is a great solution, regardless of what it is connected with, whether it is the need for renovation of the premises, or the need to simply change the situation. You can develop a design project for a hall in a private house on your own. This will require knowledge of what aspects must be taken into account in the work. A beautiful and cozy corridor will welcome your guests.

The main criteria in the development of the design project of the hall

No special knowledge is needed, as well as special education. However, consider the main parameters that need to be considered when planning the design of a hall in a private house or apartment.

  1. Dimensions and other linear shapes. First of all, after you have started creative work, you need to pay attention to the size of the hallway. This is very important for choosing the interior, the color palette of the room and decor elements. Sometimes you have to deal with a narrow hall that you want to expand, a square one that you want to lengthen, and a small one that you want to enlarge. You can solve all these issues with the help of a properly selected color palette of walls and floors, the presence or absence of decorative elements on them, as well as suitable furniture. In addition, when designing a hall in a private house or apartment, it is necessary to take into account the geometric shapes of the room itself, the ceiling and doorways. Depending on the forms, you can choose or recreate the desired style.
  2. Temperature changes. This factor is the most relevant for the design of the hall in private homes. This happens for obvious physical reasons — there is only one wall and a door between the street and the room. There are several ways to get out of this situation: wall insulation, installation of appropriate entrance doors (made of good materials that retain heat), construction of a small extension.
  3. Availability of features and designs. This refers to the development of a design project for the hall of a two-level apartment or a two-story private house with a staircase. The staircase is the main element in the room, and the emphasis is on it. The materials from which it is made can be found in interior and decor elements, this will well emphasize the consistency of design decisions of the same style. However, do not get hung up, you can skillfully combine.
  4. For example, if you need to create a hall design in a wooden house, this does not mean at all that everything should be made of wood. There are options for using other materials combined with wood — decorative stone, ceramic tiles, laminate.

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