gray wallpaper


gray wallpaper

The use of gray wallpaper in the interior is one of the classic design solutions. However, this color is not as easy to apply as it seems at first glance. With an ill-conceived composition and combination with other colors, there is a risk of creating a too gloomy, depressing and boring atmosphere in the room.

Rules for using gray wallpaper

Gray wallpaper on the walls is considered one of the ideal as a background for the interior, as well as room decor elements. This color goes well with both bright and discreet shades.

The most classical, balanced and noble rooms are furnished in three colors: gray, black and white. Such interiors do not look too boring, while they have a certain originality and softness. It is this feeling of softness that is achieved by using shades of gray in combination with contrasting black and white decoration of other objects in the room.

If we talk about bright colors, then when you want to create a delicate interior, then combine gray with pink. If you need to bring a little cheerfulness to the room, then pay attention to the unusual combination of gray-yellow wallpaper.

It is worth mentioning the gradation of shades of gray itself. So, its light tones are usually used for wall decoration in bedrooms and bathrooms, and darker ones are used for living rooms and offices. In interiors with more classic furnishings, gray striped wallpaper fits well. But gray wallpaper with a pattern will bring romance and airiness to the room.

Gray wallpaper in the interior

Gray wallpaper in the interior of the living room can give this room solemnity and strict beauty. Here you should not abuse with color accents, it is better to choose one or two main colors as companions to gray and decorate the room in such a combination. Gray in living rooms looks good in combination with white, and not boiling, but more delicate shades: milky, ivory, baked milk. Combined gray wallpapers look great in the interior of this room, when one option is plain or has a slight relief, and the other is decorated with drawings or patterns.

Gray wallpaper in the bedroom, combined with a lot of textiles, can create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Here, it is permissible to introduce a variety of bright objects into the interior, although if you are creating an environment in the Scandinavian style, only three colors will be enough: gray, black and white. Gray plain wallpaper will perfectly shade all pieces of furniture, reduce the contrast of bright combinations, and also become an excellent background for a variety of paintings, hanging shelves, sconces and other items fixed on the walls.

Gray wallpaper in the kitchen is better to choose not completely plain. Interesting floral designs or intricate patterns interspersed with bright colors will be a great solution. The kitchen will not look too cold. Gray is traditionally considered the color of purity, while, unlike white, it does not create a feeling of sterility. Gray wallpaper goes well with various wood surfaces, especially its dark shades. If you want to use an unusual texture, then you can pay attention to the gray brick wallpaper. It will be easy to transform walls with this option.

Gray wallpaper in the hallway should be as light as possible or have a pattern with a predominance of another light color. Only in this case it is possible to avoid the feeling of tightness, crushing walls. It is also best to choose light-colored furniture for this room, and dark options are acceptable only when the hallway has a really spacious area and high ceilings. Metal objects painted like copper or aged silver will also look good with gray wallpaper.


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