Granite window sills

Granite window sills

A window sill made of natural stone will harmoniously fit into any interior design, emphasizing the beauty of the window, creating a feeling of strength and elegance.

Window sills made of natural stone are usually made of granite and marble and differ not only in aesthetic appeal, versatility of pattern, color, but also in practicality. On such window sills, you can safely put pots and flowerpots with indoor flowers, they are washed off only with water and soap, any pollution, natural stone is not susceptible to the appearance of fungus and mold on it, it will not absorb an unpleasant odor.

Internal and external window sills

Marble is a softer material, but at the same time more beautiful, so it is used for the manufacture of window sills installed indoors. Granite window sills serve perfectly outside the house — this stone is less prone to pollution, it is stronger than marble, window sills made from it retain their original appearance for a long time, despite the fact that they are used outside.

Window sills made of natural granite and indoors will decorate with their originality, give a presentable and solid appearance and emphasize the aesthetic taste of the owner of the house.

Granite, for all its hardness, is easy to process, so the window sill from it can be of any size and profile. Granite window sills, having a variety of structure and color, are perfectly combined with most finishing materials, so they easily fit into any interior and style of the room, emphasizing, at the same time, its originality and individuality.

A window sill made of natural granite will help to make any room luxurious, becoming a real highlight of the interior, transforming it and giving it a sense of style.

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