Furniture in a small hallway in a modern style

Furniture in the hallway in a modern style

The hall or hallway is the place where guests get first of all. It is from this room that the first impression of the taste and prosperity of the owners of the apartment or house is created. In addition, the entrance hall is an important functional room that helps with getting ready to leave. That is why you need to think over and choose furniture in the hallway, especially small-sized, in a modern style.

The principles of choosing modern furniture in the hallway

If you are a fan of modern and functional interiors, then, no matter which one you choose for arranging the hallway, when choosing furniture, you need to start from a few fundamental principles.

First, you should consider the dimensions of the room. Most often, modern styles are suitable even for furniture in a small hallway, as they pay great attention to the functionality of the furnishings, but decorative elements that take up extra space are minimized. In modern styles, furniture designs of simple geometric shapes with minimal decorations are most often used. A large number of mirrors and glass are used, as well as steel elements, since all of them visually significantly expand the space of the room.

The second principle of creating a harmonious modern interior is the use of only closed shelves or cabinets as storage spaces. All modern styles are characterized by a desire for minimalism in detail in favor of brightness in color schemes or the use of unusual shapes of objects. That is why all the things necessary in the hallway are hidden behind the opaque facades of cabinets, and open shelves are used to arrange the necessary, albeit few, decor elements.

Modern interiors call for a fresh yet simple approach to color schemes. If you decide to use several colors, then it is better to choose them from a contrasting palette and observe interesting ways of combining. Some modern styles, such as pop art, use a large number of colors, but the choice falls on bright and clean shades that do not merge together, but are used in different interior items.

Finally, the last principle is convenience in small things, since the hallway will be used daily and it is small convenient devices, such as a key hook or an umbrella stand, that will make it most functional.

Modern interiors and room sizes

The selection of furniture, its dimensions and quantity especially depends on the size of the room. So, if you have a very small hallway, then a cabinet with several drawers and a mirror, as well as wall hooks, will be a logical solution. Modern details that speak of your chosen design style can be brought in by placing pictures on the walls or painting a chest of drawers in bright colors. Modern modular hallway furniture can be made to order in almost any color and style solution, as well as have a configuration that will be convenient for you. Modern cabinet furniture for a narrow hallway is usually located along one wall in order to leave a wide enough passage to other rooms. If the length allows, then in addition to the cabinet and wardrobe for coats and raincoats, you can also install shelves for shoes and umbrellas, as well as a small soft ottoman.

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