Finishing the bathroom with plastic panels

bathroom with plastic panels

Bathroom cladding with plastic panels is an excellent and inexpensive choice that will help to update the interior of the room without spending extra money and time on tiles. Today, plastic panels of various colors and sizes are becoming increasingly popular.

Finishing the walls in the bathroom with plastic panels has several advantages:

  • fast installation;
  • environmental Safety;
  • low price;
  • variety of colors, patterns;
  • not susceptible to humidity and temperature changes.

Finishing the ceilings in the bathroom with plastic panels makes it possible to mount the panels, even if the ceiling has irregularities, to mask pipes and wiring.

Wall panels are heavier than ceiling panels, so they are not recommended for use on the ceiling.

Bathroom panel options

There are two options for finishing the bathroom:

  1. Frame. It involves the installation of a frame made of aluminum profiles between the wall and the panel around the entire perimeter of the room. Advantage — no need to level the walls, disadvantage — loss of space and additional material costs.
  2. Frameless. The corners and walls of the room with this method should be as smooth as possible, otherwise the panel will lie crooked.

Bathroom design with plastic panels

Leading designers offer exquisite tricks with which plastic will look original:

  • PVC goes well with textured plaster;
  • you can use plastic panels with imitation tiles, with patterns, prints and 3D drawings;
  • a whole picture can be applied to a plastic panel using photo printing;
  • plastic walls and a ceiling made of small slats are ideally combined, especially in light colors;
  • for large rooms, you can choose plastic wood or marble.

The bathroom is not only a place for bathing, it has a special atmosphere. A plastic panel will help make such a room irresistible.

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