English style furniture

English style furniture 1

Furniture in the classic English style is, first of all, aristocracy, elegance and restraint, the complete absence of plastic, no synthetics, only natural wood.

Upholstered furniture in the English style involves sofas with colorful upholstery, without fail the presence of lush cushions, quilted elements. Also characteristic is the use of sofas with leather upholstery in dark tones, the presence of soft chairs, banquettes and comfortable sunbeds, trimmed with dense, high-quality, expensive fabric.

The main touch of upholstered chairs and sofas are armrests, rollers, curved legs. A common and recognizable ornament used in the production of upholstered furniture in the English style is a cage, and the traditional, often found color is red, saturated, but not bright. The highlight of upholstered furniture inherent in this style can be called the Chesterfield sofa.

English style furniture in various living spaces

One of the obligatory elements of furniture for the living room, decorated in the English style, are bookshelves located from ceiling to floor, along the width of one of the walls. Furniture should combine a large number of classic details, be sophisticated. An obligatory attribute of the living room is soft armchairs and a coffee table installed next to a traditional fireplace, floor lamps, and table lamps.

An English-style kitchen, even with the use of modern household appliances, should have a somewhat “old-fashioned” look, so furniture for it is made with carved panels, and metal parts are replaced with ceramics. For kitchen furniture, wood, stone, gilding, a large number of open shelves, cabinets with glass doors are used.

Children’s furniture in the English style is a classic form, light colors of wood and upholstery. Woodcarving, patterns, elegant sconces, soft carpet, a canopy over the bed are welcome. Choosing furniture for a children’s room in the English style is a rather difficult task.

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