Daylight ceiling lamps


daylight ceiling lamps

A fluorescent ceiling lamp is a quality alternative to daylight. Often they can be seen in office, industrial premises, hospitals or in an apartment.

Features of fluorescent lamps

Such lamps are filled with gas, which is converted into visible light with the help of a phosphor — a substance that transforms the absorbed energy. Characteristics and advantages of the ceiling lamp using daylight:

— economical consumption of electricity (up to 80%);

  • long service life (up to 10 years);
  • low heating temperature (up to 60 degrees);
  • powerful luminous flux;
  • variety of colors.

The maximum illumination value is not reached instantly, but some time after switching on. At low temperatures (less than +5 degrees), such lamps burn dimly, which limits their use in an outdoor environment.

The light output of such models is several times higher. If a 100 W incandescent lamp was previously used, then a fluorescent lamp with a power of 20 W is needed.

When using a fluorescent lamp, it is desirable to install a frosted cover to protect the eyes. Color temperature has become a feature of fluorescent lamps. The higher it is, the closer the color will be to blue, the lower it will be to red.

Often a ceiling lamp is combined with a starter that is built into the base. He is responsible for the inclusion, no flicker, continuous power. An electronic ballast is better than an obsolete electromagnetic analogue. A modern device does not provoke flashing and increases the life of the lamp.

Daylight lamps in the interior

Daylight fixtures have a variety of purposes and dimensions.

In form they are:

  • curly, in the form of a ring;
  • straight, tubular;
  • compact instead of incandescent lamps.

In compact lamps, the discharge tube has a special shape (spiral, p-shaped), which significantly reduces the length of the product; it can be inserted into small spotlights or chandeliers.

Ceiling discharge fluorescent lamps can be used in round, square, rectangular shades of open or closed type. They are built into the ceiling structure or simply hang down from the ceiling. Suspended module of one or more lamps mounted on hinges to the ceiling, has any length and geometric shape and provides ample opportunities for design.

Large fixtures are often equipped with a mirror surface, they can use several tubular lamps at the same time. Ceiling industrial models are very powerful and provide uniform illumination of a fairly spacious room. They can often be found at enterprises, warehouses, shopping malls.

In a design project, ceiling lights with modern fluorescent lamps can be used for general lighting or additional spotlights. The most common is the embedding of fluorescent lamps in cassette suspended ceilings (in the form of plates). But they can also be mounted in plastic, plasterboard, rack structures. In the interior of the bathroom, hallway, hall fluorescent lamps look great.

Lighting devices equipped with a lampshade create diffused light, which is used to create an atmosphere of relaxation and rest. Luminaires — spotlights with fluorescent lamps create a narrowly directed light and accentuate a certain area of ​​the room.

These cost-effective, versatile fixtures are guaranteed to provide bright lighting to any space while enhancing the design of the room.


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