Lambrequin curtains are a bright decorative element that gives the window design a more complete and thoughtful look. They can be used in rooms of various functional purposes, and also have a variety of shapes.

Models of a lambrequin with a curtain

Beautiful pelmet curtains are a short piece of fabric that is fixed over the main curtain and serves to close the wall between the window opening and the cornice or the window and the ceiling. When decorating a lambrequin, a variety of draperies, ties and other decorative elements are often used to give this design a more festive look.

There are several basic options for lambrequins. The first and simplest is the classic one. With this design, the strip of lambrequin is folded into folds using curtain linen or braid sewn on the wrong side.

The second design option is a hard lambrequin. With it, the fabric is additionally duplicated with a rigid material that gives the pelmet a shape. Sometimes a fabric that is different in texture and not made of textiles can be used at all.

Lambrequin with decorative elements looks magnificent and solemn. In its design, a wide variety of fabric drapery techniques are used, intricate designs are made, curtains are given unusual geometric shapes. Finally, the combined lambrequin is a combination of hard and decorative options. The most difficult to implement, usually designed by specialists.

The choice of lambrequin

The choice of a suitable form of a lambrequin largely depends on the intended purpose of the room where such a curtain is supposed to be placed. So, for example, a curtain with a lambrequin for the kitchen will periodically need to be washed or washed, and therefore simple designs of soft or rigid shape are best suited. But the curtains with lambrequins in the bedroom or in the living room can look more magnificent and solemn, that is, their design will require intricate and interesting textile designs.

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