Curtains in the nursery for a girl


curtains for a girl's nursery

Textile elements involuntarily create the mood of the entire room. They are entrusted with the main aesthetic missions — to transform the child’s bedroom, make it cozy, pleasant for perception, replenish the visual impression and support the general idea of ​​​​interior design.

Options for curtains in the nursery for a girl

Trying in every way to make the childhood of their offspring fabulous and unforgettable, parents approach the arrangement of their personal territory with all responsibility and zeal. In this matter, the curtains in the nursery for the girl are extremely important. With their help, we want to surround the baby with an atmosphere of warmth and care, we want her to see beautiful things around her that would form her good taste from infancy.

Psychologists in this matter are in solidarity with parents. In their opinion, the interior items surrounding the child every day have a tremendous impact on his worldview and future interaction with the outside world. The decor in the room should not only correspond to the age, but also reflect its tastes and preferences. All existing ideas for curtains for a girl’s children’s room allow you to find your suitable option from the whole variety.

Classic curtains for girls

The list of ideas for curtains in a girl’s nursery begins with a pillar of design styles — classics. Being out of fashion, trends, time and geography, classic curtains are appropriate always and everywhere. A duet of thick curtains and thin curtains will become a universal option. With their help, we and our child will be able to manipulate the light flux depending on our needs and time of day. At night and during the daytime sleep of the child, you can draw thick curtains, at other times — open the canvases and let in light through the finest organza, capron or tulle.

curtains in the children's room for girls 1

The design of curtains for a child’s room for a girl may exclude the presence of a thin curtain. At the same time, it may be completely absent, or it may be replaced by blinds, tightly covering the light when necessary. This option is especially appropriate when the window faces south, and you need to periodically protect the room from excessively bright and hot sunlight.

curtains in the children's room for girls 2

Curtains with a lambrequin for a girl

As another classic option, we can offer the design of curtains in the nursery for a girl with a horizontal decorative element at the top of the window opening, which we all call a lambrequin. It is an additional decoration not only for curtains, but also for the interior as a whole. Lambrequin can hang both over thick curtains and over a light veil.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 3

You can radically change the perception of a window by resorting to non-standard forms of a lambrequin. For example, everything will look completely different if you do it obliquely or combine different textures, make tails and pinches, opposite folds or pleats. The selected shape and color of the curtains and lambrequin can be repeated, for example, on a canopy above the bed.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 4

Short curtains in the nursery for a girl

If you think about the length of the curtains, you can understand that for a little girl who has barely got out of her bed and has learned to crawl or walk, long canvases are dangerous. She can get tangled in them and be frightened, or, even worse, hang on them and tear off along with the cornice, which will fall on her head. So at this tender age, it is better to foresee such a possibility and choose a short option to the windowsill or a little lower.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 5

Although curtain design for teenage girls is no longer limited to basic safety issues, a shorter design may still be appropriate for them. In particular, short curtains are relevant when the desktop is at the window. They will allow you to move it close to the wall, and also make the interior concise, collected, functional. This option will appeal to a mobile, active, self-confident girl.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 6

Roman blinds for a girl’s nursery

As a variety of short curtains, Roman curtains in the nursery for a girl can be called a very good choice. They are elegant, simple and concise. They have a simple and convenient design, and a girl of school years will master their use. Unlike heavy cornices with multi-layered draperies, Roman blinds are reliable and safe also in a tiny girl’s room.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 7

Roman curtains for a girl’s nursery are also attractive because, due to the high density of the fabric used, they protect the room well from light. Other advantages include ease of use, the ability to step-by-step control the level of light penetration, the ability to fix the curtains in a position raised to the desired height.

curtains in the children's room for girls 8

Roller blinds for a girl’s nursery

Roller blinds, strictly speaking, have all the same positive properties as the Roman ones described above. They are no less practical, comfortable and safe, they just look a little simpler because they do not have folds and draperies. For this reason, they are often combined with other types of curtains, for example, with classic hanging curtains of different lengths.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 9

If you do not want the passage and access to the windows to be blocked by large curtains, which, moreover, are dust accumulators, limit yourself to only rolled curtains, decorated, for example, with a small lambrequin or a beautiful pattern. Such curtains in a teenage room for a girl will be an excellent solution, given how much space children at this age need for harmonious development.

curtains in the children's room for girls 10

Curtain design for a girl’s room

The variety of design ideas in terms of textile decor for children’s rooms is very extensive. Beautiful curtains for a girl’s nursery can be an element of any style — from traditional classics to author’s improvisations. The window opening can be decorated based on fairy tales using complex multi-band compositions. As the child grows up and expands his horizons, the room will need to be adjusted to take into account new interests. By manipulating colors and shapes, you can instantly transform the space in accordance with your needs.

Curtains in the room for a newborn girl

For very little crumbs, it is preferable to decorate the room in a gentle romantic style, maintaining all the main elements in light colors. Including the design of curtains for a girl should be as simple as possible, light and pleasant to perceive. Through soft pink, peach curtains, natural light will pour very softly. This will pacify even a hyperactive child, but it will have a calming effect on a calm one.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 11

If you want to develop activity in your child, feel free to use vibrant, contrasting colors. Just do not need to turn the interior into a riot of colors. Just make a few accents, for example, a brighter edging of curtains and a number of other elements that repeat its color — bows and ruffles. Above the bed, place a canopy with a moderately colorful print that is noticeable to the baby.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 12

Children’s curtains for little girls

When the baby grows up and enters the beautiful age of 3-6 years, her world grows with her. Curtains for a girl in the bedroom should already be not just a means of protection from bright light, but also the main decoration of her room. Intricate and layered, with ruffles, ruffles, pelmets and tiebacks, they will help you feel secure. At the same time, you should try to avoid bright and flashy colors and patterns. Let everything be in gentle pastel, pleasing to the eye and perception, shades.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 13

At the age of princesses, girls especially need a fabulous environment around. What if not curtains and canopies will help create this magical world? You just need to strive for the choice of natural fabrics — linen, cotton, silk. Indeed, in addition to beauty and comfort, it is important to do everything for the safety of the daughter. These fabrics are not electrified and do not emit harmful substances. For practicality, avoid overly complex draperies in which dust accumulates.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 14

Curtains for a teenage girl

The schoolgirl not only sleeps and plays in her room. To the number of her duties is added study and obligatory lessons. Entering the middle and senior school age, the child already has a specific vision of what her room should be like. Curtains for a teenage girl in the bedroom become the subject of her own choice. Whereas it remains for the parents to correct and implement the chosen ideas.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 15

Curtains in the nursery for the girl during this period should become more concise and practical. Often the choice falls on stylish Roman, English, Japanese or roll models. At the same time, you can no longer be afraid of contrasts and a bright palette — the child’s psyche is already sufficiently strengthened to adequately perceive such experiments. At the same time, if a girl gravitates towards a delicate palette, there is no need to insist on the opposite.

curtains in the children's room for a girl 16

Properly selected curtains for the nursery are the key to an attractive interior, fashionable and colorful. At the same time, many features must be taken into account, and not only related to the age and character of the daughter, but also to where the windows look, what are the dimensions of the room and what style is chosen for its design.


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