Curtains in the living room

Curtains in the living room

The living room is the central part of any house or apartment, so its decoration is always given special attention. Each hostess strives to equip this room in such a way that it is comfortable and beautiful in it. An important role in the design of the room is played by curtains or curtains.

living room curtain design

When choosing curtains for the living room, remember that they should be in harmony with other textiles present in this room. You can choose for the hall short curtains up to the window sill or long to the floor. Chic curtains or light curtains will look beautiful in the living room.

If you have a small living room, curtains that match the color of the walls in the room are perfect for it. These can be curtains with a small pattern or plain canvases. You can choose beautiful curtains with frills or decorated with ribbons in the living room.

For a window in a spacious living room, fabrics with a large pattern are suitable. In a dark room, it is better to hang light, light-colored curtains that will make the room airy. The living room will look luxurious, the windows of which are decorated with printed fabric curtains.

If you want to make a classic living room look more solemn, pick up silk, brocade or satin curtains and decorate them with pelmets. In the living room, decorated in a modern style, curtains in the form of Roman blinds of any color are perfect. In a room with an oriental interior, Japanese curtains or bamboo blinds will look harmonious.

In a living room with a balcony, it is better to choose curtains that are sliding or rising. In this case, the fabric on the curtains should be sufficiently dense. Roller curtains are great for this, consisting of several canvases — separately for the door and window opening. Beautiful and practical can be for a window with a balcony door and tulle curtains made of plain fabric or with a pattern.

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