Curtains in the hall

curtains in the hall 0

To decide which curtains are suitable for the hall, you need to familiarize yourself with the latest fashion trends, because the latest design developments appear quite often, along with new types of fabrics, non-standard and original color combinations and models, as well as interesting accessories.

Modern and popular curtains in the hall are preferably purchased from natural materials, these can be silk, linen, cotton, bamboo fabrics, in which synthetic threads are added to increase wear resistance. Heavier fabrics are also used, such as velvet, brocade, jacquard, they, being also natural, are used to harmoniously create an interior. Sometimes, on the contrary, lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon or organza, are used for design.

The fashionable focus of modern models of curtains in the hall lies in their conciseness and simplicity, this is the trend of the current year. Natural shades are in special demand, especially blue-green, walnut, gray.

Today, a mixture of styles is considered a popular option for decorating window openings; you can successfully combine lifting, Roman curtains and classic straight curtains.

Curtains are perfect for the hall in an apartment or in a private house, made in the style of «Colorblock», this design involves various options for a harmonious combination of colors and is an example of modern design art.

Particularly noteworthy are modern, trendy today, curtains in the hall with photo printing. Photo curtains can be purchased at retail outlets in the form of finished products or you can order unique curtains in a specialized studio using your photo for this. Light tulle with photo printing does not require additional curtains or decorating accessories. This version of the curtain will surely attract attention and serve as a bright, accent piece of furniture that sets the tone for the entire design of the room.

The design of the curtains in the hall should match the style of this room, harmoniously observing all its requirements and rules.

Curtains with lambrequins

A lambrequin is a part of the canvas located in the upper part of the window opening, designed in the form of a decorative drapery. Such a detail gives the design of the entire room a touch of romanticism and grace, while the curtains look more expensive and nobler.

Curtains in the hall with lambrequins always look chic and majestic, most often used in classic interiors, both traditional and modern, and can also be present in the design of rooms in the Empire, Baroque and some other styles.

Lambrequin serves to decorate the curtains, it gives it elegance, adds chic and charm, without it they look much simpler and more prosaic. To date, there is a wide variety of types and design models of lambrequins, and the more complex they are, the more sophisticated the look of the finished product.

Lambrequins can be soft, have a fairly simple shape, draped, sewn from both light and heavy fabrics. There are also solid lambrequins, planted on a lining, with a special interlining glued in the middle, which will help keep the finished product in a rigid, given shape.

Curtains in the hall with a balcony

Frequent opening of the balcony door requires a special approach to the selection of curtains for the window opening. It is necessary to select for them a material that is characterized by increased strength, models without lush elements, frills and draperies, they interfere with the passage and movement of curtains, often cling to handles, doors and contribute to tearing the fabric.

It is better if such curtains consist of two canvases, if there is a lambrequin, then it should be used only over the fixed part of the window opening. A great option, in the presence of a balcony door, will be various rolled or Roman curtains.

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