Curtains in the bedroom

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The bedroom always has an atmosphere of peace and comfort, it is a personal closed space. Therefore, modern curtains in the bedroom should make the interior of the room as comfortable and conducive to relaxation as possible. They will help complete the image of the room and make it harmonious.

Varieties of curtains in the bedroom

There are quite a few options for decorating window openings in the bedroom. Consider the most common models, excellent in their cut and features.

Currently gaining popularity short curtains for the bedroom, they can be rolled, Roman for a room in a modern minimalist, high-tech style or complemented by curtains and curtains. In terms of cut, French models with multi-layered draperies and canopies stand out, London models with sewn ribbons that adjust the length of the canvas, Austrian models with a large number of horizontally located folds.

Curtains in the bedroom classic are made of dense monophonic fabric in combination with lambrequins and a translucent veil. Classic curtains should be layered, textured, simply chic. They are decorated with numerous draperies, tiebacks, semicircular folds of flowing fabric, and frills. Expensive materials are used for curtains — silk, velvet, taffeta. They look especially beautiful on large windows.

Curtains in Provence style for the bedroom delicate turquoise, purple, light green colors are selected under shades of lavender, sky blue, lawn. They may have a pattern in a small flower, floral motifs, chintz is preferred from fabrics. In this style, there is always an airy tulle.

Fans of clear lines will suit strict curtains in the bedroom on the grommets any color. They are a straight canvas, on top of which round holes are cut and eyelets (rings) are inserted. Such a canvas on the bar creates uniform, strict vertical folds. Such curtains look simple and elegant, and if you use tulle with eyelets, you get an airy design on the window. Ring curtains are suitable for a simple and democratic interior.

Curtains for a bedroom with a balcony should be without bows, multiple folds that will interfere with the opening of the door. You can choose short models with a pelmet and airy tulle or a multi-layered version with side curtains that are easy to push aside or secure with hangers.

curtain color

The color of the curtains plays an important role in the perception of the room, it should be matched to the overall concept of the interior.

Gray curtains in the bedroom create an atmosphere of restraint, elegance, bring peace. Silver curtains look great in combination with an abundance of crystal, mirrors, chrome elements in the interior.

Blue curtains in the bedroom symbolize depth, dispose to peace and relaxation, reduce aggression. They go well with white shades indoors, snow-white tulle.

skillful use black curtains in the bedroom will help to create a solemn and elegant interior. Such products made of dense fabric look concise, and transparent black tulle can become a separate mysterious and airy decoration. Curtains made of black and white fabric with floral patterns look beautiful. They allow you to achieve color balance and not overload the interior with dark flourishes.

Properly selected curtains for the bedroom will help create a cozy atmosphere in the room where you can relax, dream, gain strength after a hard day. They will decorate the interior of the room, give it mystery and become an important addition to the stylish design.

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