Curtains in a classic style

Curtains in a classic style

Ancient Egypt is considered the historical birthplace of classical curtains. Already in those distant times, people decorated their homes with beautiful curtains. And today, curtains in a classic style are popular and fashionable. With the help of tulle curtains, pelmets and curtains with cords and tassels, you can create a truly royal interior design for any room.

Curtains in the interior of the living room in a classic style

Lush curtains made of expensive shiny fabrics will look great in an Empire or Baroque style living room. They can be decorated with a variety of draperies and lambrequins. A room in a classic English style requires window decoration with frosted curtains on the grommets. Such curtains fall beautifully in large folds. Graceful French curtains with complex folds and flounces look elegant and romantic in the living room.

Curtains in the bedroom in a classic style

Classic curtains made of heavy dense fabric in combination with a translucent veil are suitable for the bedroom. Tiebacks with beautiful fringe or tassels will serve as a great addition to such curtains. The top of the window in a classic bedroom is most often decorated with a lambrequin.

Curtains for the kitchen in a classic style

In a classic-style kitchen, traditional curtains with soft or hard pelmets will be appropriate. At the same time, curtains can be floor-length or up to the windowsill, which is especially convenient for the kitchen.

A window in a modern classic style kitchen can be decorated with a Roman blind, the edges of which are trimmed with embroidery, fringe, tassels or pompoms. The elegance and luxury of the kitchen will be emphasized by the heavy fabric with exquisite ornaments along the edges of this original curtain. The same classic style Roman blinds can be used for the bathroom.

Curtains in the office in a classic style

An office in a country house is often decorated in a classic style, and curtains can enliven the austere atmosphere of this room. Straight curtains without swags and draperies are perfect here. Tiebacks with cords and tassels can become decoration of such curtains.

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