Curtains for the living room

Curtains for the living room

The decoration of the window in the living room should correspond to the general style decision of this room. After all, you see, curtains for a living room with frivolous flowers will look inappropriate in a minimalist style, and heavy curtains with draperies and silk tassels are in no way suitable for country or Provence style.

Curtains for the living room in a classic style

The classic style in the interior of the hall has always been and will be fashionable and popular. For a living room decorated in the classics, you can choose elite curtains made of heavy opaque fabric. They will be in perfect harmony with curtains made of airy organza or the lightest tulle. This combination is especially functional, since thick sliding curtains for the living room will help hide from prying eyes, and transparent tulle will let in sunlight. For a living room in the style of the classics, curtains with lambrequins, cords, braid are typical, and for a hall with a bay window, Austrian curtains with luxurious folds are suitable. An original classic interior can be created for the living room using two-color curtains.

Curtains for the living room in a modern style

Since the main features of the modern style are simplicity, lightness and light shades, the curtains for such a living room are most often sewn straight, without any pickups. You can hang these curtains on hinges or grommets. The color scheme of curtains can include all light shades with bright accents. In this case, all colors should be fresh and clean. «Clothes for windows» in a modern style can be made from both natural and artificial fabric. For the hall, one-color straight curtains or curtains with geometric patterns are often used. Curtains with a 3D effect can become an original and fashionable option for the living room.

Curtains for the living room modern

Heavy curtains and bright colors are not acceptable for an Art Nouveau living room. Curtains can have geometric patterns with curved lines. Lightweight fabrics are used for them. It is possible that there are various folds and draperies on such canvases. An indispensable condition for the Art Nouveau style is curtains with a variety of lambrequins. Curtains are often asymmetrical.

High-tech curtains for the living room

In the decor of high-tech curtains, various decorations or draperies are considered unacceptable. Such curtains for the living room have a simple design, most often they come in dark shades. Strict black and white curtains for the living room fit perfectly into the high-tech style, although you can find both milky and ashy shades. The most suitable option for an Art Nouveau living room is to use roman or Japanese blinds. If you have a small living room with a balcony, then curtains in the form of blinds will be an excellent option for it. But thin curtains are completely unacceptable for high-tech style. Blinds or curtains can be made from various non-woven materials or, for example, from fabrics woven with metallic threads.

Curtains for the living room in Provence style

Rustic Provence or country style is simplicity and modesty in everything, including window decoration. Therefore, Provence living room curtains should be made exclusively from natural materials and have a simple cut. Drawings of curtains in this style are uncomplicated — in a flower, in a blue-white, red-white checkered or striped. Decorate a window in a country-style living room with printed chintz, linen or cotton curtains. Such canvases are decorated with beautiful ruffles or ribbons. Country and knitted curtains will look original in the living room. The main shades for such window decor are light terracotta and ocher.

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