Corner bathroom furniture — wall cabinet, pencil case, shelf

Corner bathroom furniture - simple solutions for style and functionality

A bathroom can and should be cozy, comfortable and functional. Not everyone has a spacious room, so you often have to adjust to what is. A good furnishing idea is corner bathroom furniture that looks interesting, beautiful and saves space.

Corner cabinet in the bathroom

A corner cabinet for linen in the bathroom or for other accessories looks very good. These products are made of a wide variety of materials, but preference should still be given to those that are not afraid of moisture. Among the corner models, you can often find such designs:

  • hinged;
  • floor;
  • cupboards;
  • in the form of dressers;
  • made of mirror surfaces.

Hanging corner cabinet in the bathroom

Hanging cabinets of angular shape are as ergonomic as possible, save space, and outwardly look very stylish and original. A hinged corner bathroom cabinet can be selected in accordance with the chosen style, because modern manufacturers offer a huge range of such products, made in a variety of modifications. The material can be very different: from plastic to metal and glass. These pieces of furniture have their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Very economical in terms of location in space.
  2. A wide range of modern bathroom furniture.
  3. Organically fit into the space, give the room comfort and coziness.
  4. Such corner bathroom furniture is usually roomy.


  1. If you do not place the locker on the wall correctly, you can hit your head on it.
  2. You can rearrange such furniture only in a different corner.

hanging corner cabinet in the bathroom

Corner bathroom cabinet

Floor options for corner cabinets are cheaper than wall-mounted counterparts, so they are popular with consumers. The most popular materials from which such cabinets are made are plastic, stainless steel, wood and MDF. The corner cabinet in the bathroom must be chosen taking into account some features.

  1. The floor version is better to choose on legs, so that it is easier to clean under it.
  2. Before choosing, it is also worth considering whether there are any communications at the place of its installation that may prevent it from fitting snugly to the walls.
  3. The material depends on how likely it is to come into contact with water.
  4. This piece of furniture is presented in a large assortment, so you need to choose it so that it harmonizes well with the rest of the interior.

corner bathroom cabinet

Corner cabinet pencil case in the bathroom

If the bathroom space is small, then the corner cabinet in the bathroom is a great solution. This option will not only save space, but also allow you to accommodate all the necessary little things in full. Pencil cases, due to their shape, look organic and stylish, especially if you choose them in accordance with the chosen style. Among the models on the market, products made of plastic, wood, glass, stainless steel or MDF are very popular.

corner cabinet pencil case in the bathroom

Bathroom Corner Mirror Cabinet

When choosing a corner cabinet-mirror in the bathroom, you need not only to build on personal preferences and style. It is important to know about the pros and cons of corner bathroom furniture equipped with a mirror. We will not talk about the ergonomics of such options, since all corner models have this quality, which is initially laid down in the corner options for furniture.


  1. Such lockers visually increase the space.
  2. In the interior, such products look profitable and stylish.
  3. Corner mirror cabinets tend to be roomy (depending on size).
  4. The reliability indicators of the installation of the structure are the highest.
  5. The opening mechanisms of such products are very diverse, which is a plus when space is limited.


  1. Mirror surfaces require careful handling, due to the fragility of the material.
  2. It is necessary to take care of mirror cabinets very carefully and often so that they do not lose their visual appeal.
  3. If the cabinet has a chipboard base, then this option most likely will not last long.
  4. If the room is poorly ventilated, then this may eventually affect the mirror surface, ruining it.

bathroom corner mirror cabinet

Corner chest of drawers in the bathroom

Any corner bathroom furniture effectively saves space and a chest of drawers is no exception. However, it is worth remembering that such types of classic furniture often look bulky, and this option is most likely not suitable for us. You need to know that corner furniture for any bathroom should be selected based on its pros and cons. There are few drawbacks to such furniture, and much depends on the material and build quality, and the design itself has no disadvantages, with the exception of the difficulty of cleaning if there are no legs.

If we talk about the advantages of a corner chest of drawers, then there are a lot of them:

  1. Functionality.
  2. Ergonomics.
  3. Maximum use with the benefit of space.
  4. Originality.
  5. A large assortment.

corner chest of drawers in the bathroom

Corner cabinet in the bathroom

A good solution for organizing space can be a corner cabinet in the bathroom. This option is especially appropriate if there are small children in the house, because such furniture has no corners, which indicates that there is no risk of injury. This design is chosen not only because of ergonomics, but also because of the original appearance, which is able to profitably transform the bathroom for the better.

Corner cabinets with a washbasin for the bathroom

Very often in the interior of the bathroom there is corner furniture for the bathroom in the form of a cabinet with a washbasin, and this is understandable. Such a cabinet looks unusual, takes up little space, which is not used with other designs. In combination with a cabinet of the same shape, the set will fit perfectly into the interior of the room. Corner bathroom furniture, consisting of a cabinet and a washbasin, has its pros and cons.


  1. Possibility to store various small things, detergents, etc.
  2. This design saves a lot of space.
  3. Beautiful appearance.
  4. Large range of models.


  1. If the cabinet is small. It is not always convenient and possible to place a soap dish, a liquid soap dispenser or an ordinary soap dish on it.
  2. The corner pedestal holds less than the standard form variant.

corner cabinets with a washbasin for the bathroom

Bathroom corner shelf

The most popular type of bathroom furniture is the corner shelf in the bathroom, which can be made from a variety of materials and can be perfectly combined with other interior elements. Such shelves are often located in the corner where the bath is located, so that it is convenient to use bathing products when taking a shower. Before buying, you should learn more about the most popular types offered by corner bathroom furniture in the form of shelves.

Bathroom Plastic Corner Shelf

This type is primarily chosen because of the low cost. A corner shelf in the bathroom, the plastic of which is not always of good quality, costs little, but in terms of environmental friendliness it occupies one of the lowest steps. Modern manufacturers are increasingly using higher quality material, so paying a little more, you can get a good quality product. Before buying, you should consider all the pros and cons of such shelves.


  1. Ease of construction.
  2. Reliability.
  3. Ease of maintenance.
  4. Practicality and functionality.
  5. Large selection of models.
  6. Ease of installation.

The disadvantages mostly relate to products made of low-quality plastic:

  1. When heated, substances harmful to human health are released.
  2. The possibility of deformation of the product.
  3. Tendency to mechanical damage.
  4. Inability to store anything heavy.

bathroom plastic corner shelf

Corner glass shelf in the bathroom

Corner functional bathroom furniture can be not only useful, but also be an interior decoration. For example, a glass corner shelf in the bathroom looks very stylish and expensive. This option is suitable for the vast majority of modern design styles, so sales of glass shelves are impressive and their number is growing. Glass shelves are in demand, but before purchasing such a product, it will not be out of place to find out the pros and cons.


  1. Glass, like a mirror, visually enlarges the space and is able to let in the sun’s rays.
  2. Depending on the design idea and the availability of funds, you can choose the option that is ideal in all respects.
  3. Glass shelves are processed in a special way, plus they are made of tempered glass, so they have good indicators of strength, reliability and safety.


  1. Glass requires frequent maintenance, because traces of water, soap, toothpaste, etc. are clearly visible on it.
  2. Even the highest quality glass is subject to mechanical stress, so noticeable scratches may appear on it over time.
  3. Glass in large quantities makes the interior cold, so overdoing it with glass surfaces is not recommended.

corner glass shelf in the bathroom

Stainless Bathroom Corner Shelves

Corner bathroom furniture is represented by a wide variety of shelves. Chrome bathroom corner shelf is not the most common option, because it does not fit all styles of interior design, and the prices for such products “bite”. If we consider the option not chrome-plated, then the usual stainless steel looks more familiar and is better combined in different styles with interior objects.

  1. The advantages of such shelves can be called: strength, environmental friendliness, durability, ease of maintenance and a large assortment.
  2. Disadvantages: high price and the need for regular maintenance.

stainless corner bathroom shelves

Corner tiered bathroom shelf

The telescopic shelf in the bathroom (corner) has characteristics that depend on the material from which it is made. We have considered the most common options, so it remains to say a few words about the design. The tiered telescopic shelf is very easy to install. No need to make holes in the wall, seal or glue. This design is installed by moving apart the base and stop in the lower and upper parts.

corner bathroom shelf

Corner bathroom mirror

When choosing a corner mirror in the bathroom, you should be aware of the most common types in order to first consider how organically it will look with other elements, and how well it will cope with the functions assigned to it. The most practical, functional and popular types of corner mirrors for bathrooms are represented by five models.

  1. Corner built-in wall mirror with a classic look.
  2. Cosmetic corner mirror (more often in the form of a trellis with a sliding mechanism).
  3. With built-in lighting (eliminates the need for additional lighting).
  4. Corner mirror with shelves (with increased convenience and functionality).
  5. Angled mirror model with heating (prevents the formation of condensate on the surface).

corner bathroom mirror

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