Classic living rooms


Classic living rooms

The refined taste of the owners is evidenced by the classic style of the living room. It symbolizes comfort and luxury.

Classic living room interior

Classic is a strict and chic style that always makes a good impression. The classic design of the living room is white or, conversely, wood-like furniture, decorated with carvings, figured facades, elegant shapes and gilding; complex design of the ceiling with stucco, the presence of an expensive chandelier with pendants. The furniture is represented by soft sofas and sofas covered with natural fabrics, consoles, chests of drawers, grandfather clocks, tables. Modern appliances are installed in niches and shelves to hide the plastic as much as possible.

The main colors in the interior design of a classic style living room are white, beige, gold and the color of natural wood. Friezes, artistic painting, niches, columns on the walls add sophistication. In the arrangement of the room, there is often a fireplace, above which a mirror or a large picture is attached, figurines and vases are placed on the shelf. A large number of candlesticks, wall sconces and spotlights on the ceiling in this style are widely used. The windows are decorated with draped curtains with lambrequins and tiebacks made of expensive fabrics. An elegant lush tulle must be present.

The living room, combined with the kitchen, fits well into the classic style, as it implies a large space. You can divide them into zones using decorations, a multi-level ceiling, partitions, arches, and furniture arrangement. The kitchen set is made of natural materials with carving and gilding finish. Household appliances are usually built in.

The classic living room is comfort and luxury, it is always a pleasure to relax in it. This style will be popular for many years to come, as it makes the room comfortable and sophisticated.


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