Classic bedroom — modern interior design


classic bedroom

Classic bedrooms are always at the peak of popularity, because here this luxurious style looks especially appropriate. Each item exudes peace and comfort. Rich wooden furniture, forged items, stucco decor, spectacular accessories — all this creates a bewitching interior, which, moreover, does not go out of fashion.

Classic bedroom design

Passed through the centuries with virtually no modifications, the classic bedroom has become only more cozy and comfortable over time. Having absorbed the best features of Empire, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism, she simultaneously got rid of «heavy» elements and excessive pomposity. Nowadays, it no longer looks like a palace museum, but at the same time, the characteristic features that make the style recognizable remain unchanged.

The modern classic bedroom is:

  • absolute symmetry in everything, the preservation of the overall composition without signs of chaos and disorderly arrangement of things;
  • warm and calm colors, without contrasts and flashy colors;
  • furniture made of wood, moreover, from expensive types of wood, with inlays, gold plating, mother-of-pearl, etc.;
  • natural fabrics, elegant textiles, heavy curtains with ties and tassels;
  • stucco — rosettes, friezes, baguettes;
  • many accessories — paintings, figurines, vases with flowers, preferably antique;
  • arches and columns as signs of Greek architecture.

Classic bedroom — wallpaper

Ideally, the walls should be finished with Venetian plaster with marble imitation, in places they can be decorated with paintings, bas-reliefs, columns with a portico. However, as a compromise between cost and observance of traditions, the classic bedroom is often covered with wallpaper with a neat, consistent ornament of monograms and floral elements. No less popular is the vertical stripe.

classic bedroom

The color scheme of the wallpaper is always restrained and concise. Often, the pattern is complemented by patches of gilding or patina, which gives the bedroom an impressive look. To dilute the canvases on the plane of the wall, areas with wallpaper can be framed with stucco. Such a classic bedroom design will be even more expressive. Modern technologies allow you not to spend money on real gypsum stucco molding, but to limit yourself to its polystyrene substitute.

classic bedroom

Classic bedroom ceilings

First of all, the ceilings must be high to allow the classics to «roam». Rosettes around chandeliers, stucco cornices or natural wooden beams require a lot of space. Otherwise, the ceiling will «press» on you, and you will not feel comfortable in the room. Even a stretch ceiling (preferably matte or satin) will «eat» some of the height.

classic bedroom

In the standard «Khrushchev» you can also embody the interior of a classic bedroom, you just have to limit yourself to whitewashing or wallpaper with a minimal ceiling decor. In general, in small rooms, classicism with its light palette and good lighting will play a positive role, visually expanding the area. So, the rejection of the artsy ceiling will be fully justified.

classic bedroom

Curtains in the bedroom classic

Velvet, satin, silk are fabrics without which it is difficult to imagine a real classic bedroom. Rich and luxurious, these textile elements once again emphasize the magnificence of style. Curtains in a classic bedroom, first of all, decorate the windows — complex, with rich decorative elements (cords, fringe, tassels, tiebacks), they block light well.

classic bedroom

If necessary, heavy curtains can be moved apart and only light translucent curtains can be left; it is customary to sew them from silk and organza in a classic bedroom. In addition to windows, the bed or its headboard can be hung with curtains. Rich canopies over the bed with a repetition of the decor of window curtains look chic. They seem to repeat the luxury of the imperial palaces.

classic bedroom

Chandelier in the bedroom classic

Classic chandeliers often have a massive bearing part made of bronze, cast iron or their imitation, with pendant elements made of crystal or glass. Be prepared for the difficult care of such a model due to the presence of many small elements. Alternatively, instead of «pendants» there can be «candles» if the height of the ceiling in the bedroom allows it. Thorough washing of such a chandelier is not needed, which will make your life a little easier.

classic bedroom

If you have a bedroom in the style of a modern classic, the lamp can be a very bold design. An elegant, yet slightly avant-garde pendant chandelier against a monochrome room will stand out and attract attention. Although this is not accepted in strict classics, its more modern interpretation will accept such a light source very friendly.

classic bedroom

Classic bedroom furniture

The first thing that distinguishes a classic bedroom is a set. He and only he makes up its interior. There can be no scattered pieces of furniture here. The main subject of the headset is the bed. It is the center of the room, and should be as wide, comfortable, luxurious as possible. There should be no talk of a compromise in the form of a sofa or a folding sofa. The remaining pieces of furniture continue the idea and complement the luxurious interior with its expensive rare woods, inlay, carvings and gilding.

Classic bedroom cabinets

An integral piece of furniture — a wardrobe for storing things, should have classic hinged doors. Only in the most extreme case, when the room is cramped, in the classic bedroom, let’s say a closet. There can be mirrors on its doors — they will visually expand the space. However, wardrobes with a smooth light surface are still more common. They can be decorated with carvings, patina, various decorative elements. «Inside» it can be anything — to your taste and needs. An invariable condition — it must be wooden.

classic bedroom

Classic bedroom armchair

If the classic bedroom allows for size, be sure to place at least one comfortable chair here. Next to it, you can install a small coffee table with a floor lamp, an ottoman. The relaxation zone you have created will allow you to conveniently spend time with a book before going to bed or take a close friend. Family comfort, a touch of mystery will make you feel even more comfortable here. Like the rest of the bedroom furniture, the white classic is also acceptable in relation to the armchair.

classic bedroom

Bedside tables for the bedroom classic

These irreplaceable interior details are placed strictly symmetrically on both sides of the bed. They obey the general concept and emphasize the style, making the bedroom in classic style even more perfect. Often they have the same night lights with classic floor lamps, frames with family photos and other nice little things. They can also be used for a practical purpose — to store various items in them that are necessary when going to bed or upon waking up. It can be an alarm clock, jars of creams, a book and much more.

classic bedroom

The classic bedroom in light colors made of solid wood or more affordable MDF at all times showed the delicate and refined taste of the owners. In addition, a style that never goes out of fashion is extremely practical, so the high costs of its implementation will pay off with long-term relevance and the absence of the need to change something here for several decades.


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