Children’s room in a marine style — design for boys and girls

children's in a marine style

For a long time, the trend of creating a marine-style interior in a children’s room has remained fashionable. This design is attractive to the child, it creates an atmosphere of summer warmth in the room all year round, and it does not require large material costs, it will please both the boy and the girl.

Decoration of a nursery in a marine style

Starting the decoration and equipment of the room, it should be borne in mind that the nursery in a marine theme is based on blue-white, sand, turquoise and brown colors, furnished with light furniture and various accessories and objects that are directly related to the sea. Such an interior looks cold, so it is chosen for rooms in which there is a large amount of sunlight.

To give credibility to this interior, only natural materials should be used in the decoration and furnishing of the room. Professional designers advise using a certain amount of snow-white objects when decorating, making stretch glossy or mirrored ceilings, installing glass doors, large windows that provide an abundance of light.

There are two directions in style:

  • «Nautikal» — nautical. The decor suggests the presence of navigation items, blue, white, red stripes on textiles, natural wood. The interior is similar to the decoration of yachts and liners, more suitable for boys.
  • Nautikal

  • Cottage by the Sea — the interior of the cottage. The design resembles the interior of a country house, standing on the seashore. Elements of a romantic, light country are used, themed accessories made from shells, corals, coarse homespun fabric, this direction is more often used indoors for girls.
  • cottage by the sea

Children’s room in a marine style for a boy

So that the nautical-style nursery where the boy lives does not look cold, dull and tasteless, you do not need to get carried away only with blue and blue tones, dilute them with various shades of green and purple, or warm tones of red and beige. A nursery for a boy in a marine style is stylized as a captain’s cabin, decorated with garlands of pennants reflecting the flags of various countries.

Geographical maps, modern paintings, using 3d technologies, decorative paintings on the walls will perfectly fit into the interior. As additional accessories, ship models, crafts made from shells, corals, starfish, attributes reminiscent of the captain’s cabin accessories are used: ship’s log, barometers, compasses. The main rule is a sense of proportion, you should not make a warehouse out of a children’s room, piling it up with unnecessary things brought from travels.

Children's room in a marine style for a boy

Children’s room in a marine style for a girl

In the girls’ room, a romantic option is relevant, reminiscent of a room in a house on the coast, pierced by the sun and a light breeze. In the design of the room, use gentle tones in everything from surface finishes, furniture to textiles, mainly linen or cotton. Furniture can be used in turquoise, decorated with fittings reminiscent of ocean birds and animals.

The design of a nursery in a marine style, designed for a girl, is often arranged in the form of an ocean floor, with exotic aquatic plants, fish, dolphins, mermaids, bright colors for decorating surfaces, bedspreads, and rugs will be relevant here. The room in which the girl lives is often not fully decorated in accordance with the mood of the sea, only the playing area is equipped in this spirit.

Children's room in a marine style for a girl

Interior of a children’s room in a marine style

When creating a design in a nursery, a marine orientation is often used, as it fits perfectly into the interior of the room and has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of children. Making a children’s room in a marine style implies the implementation of some rules when decorating the interior:

  • the use of a specific color scheme and striped texture;
  • the use of natural materials, bamboo, wickerwork;
  • surface finishing and the presence of furniture with marine-themed elements present;
  • a number of accessories also related to the sea.

Wallpaper in a marine style for the nursery

Common wallpapers in a children’s room related to this theme are turquoise, blue, beige, or a combination of both. The drawing on them is found in various ways: ocean landscapes, modern liners, pirate schooners, steering wheels, ropes and much more. A very stylish and modern option is to use photo wallpapers or 3D wallpapers, especially for decorating an accent wall.

Nautical-themed wallpapers in the nursery can display your favorite characters from fairy tales or cartoons, this is especially true for rooms designed for kids. For older children or teenagers, use the motifs of water expanses, they will bring a sense of romance and travel. Themed wallpapers for wall decoration in the described style are very popular, they charge with calmness and positive emotions.

Wallpaper in a marine style for the nursery

Children’s furniture in a marine style

The marine orientation in the interior of the nursery is reflected not only in the colors and materials used, but also in the furniture, the emphasis is on a marine-style children’s bed, which can resemble a ship, a chest or a large shell. For upholstered furniture, upholstery with thematic drawings and corresponding colors is used. Wicker furniture or made of bleached, light wood fits perfectly into this interior.

Children's furniture in a marine style

Children’s modular furniture in a nautical style: bookshelves, tables, cabinets and bedside tables — can look like elements of a ship’s deck, captain’s or crew’s cabins. The furniture is decorated with figurines of marine life, exotic birds, and the famous parrot belonging to pirates is often found. Simple classic furniture, without embellishments, is also appropriate.

Children's modular furniture in a marine style

Carpet in a marine style in the nursery

When creating an interior, details are very important, a children’s marine carpet is no exception. The design of such a carpet often has a color scheme in blue, turquoise, coral or other appropriate tones. The patterns resemble waves or stripes of a vest; bright, multi-colored fish, shells, anchors, steering wheels, boats and similar drawings look great on rugs.

Designers also advise using mats, they are made from natural raw materials, are hypoallergenic, look stylish, and are diverse. A children’s carpet should have high hygienic qualities, be comfortable for the child, be attractive, please the baby and correspond to the chosen theme.

Carpet in a marine style in the nursery

Curtains in the nursery in a marine style

When purchasing curtains, pay attention not only to the color palette and pattern corresponding to the theme, but also to the quality of the fabric. The marine style in the interior of the nursery is distinguished by the use of linen, cotton or matting fabrics; organza and tulle would be appropriate in the form of an addition. As a decor, loops on curtains made of ropes are applicable. Curtains in their colors and the chosen thematic pattern should create an ensemble with wallpaper, upholstery, bedspreads, rugs. A nautical-style nursery does not accept very colorful or dark fabrics on the windows.

Curtains in the nursery in a marine style

Chandelier in a marine style in the nursery

The main condition for a ceiling chandelier in this style is its reminder of the sea. Nautical-style chandeliers in the nursery are often found; they are decorated with ceramic shades, fragments of shells, ropes and other thematic items. Often they look like a lantern used on a ship. Similar chandeliers are made for the nursery and in the form of octopuses, fish, dolphins or other animals that live in the seas and oceans.

Chandelier steering wheel

One of the differences of the children’s chandelier is its bright colors, it can be bright coral, red, blue or combinations thereof. The size is selected according to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, such chandeliers are small. The material for them is chosen natural: wood, matting, metal. Plafonds are better matte, the light from them is softer, it will create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for the child.

Chandelier in a marine style in the nursery

Sconce in a marine style for the nursery

Various marine-style wall lamps for the nursery remain relevant. A night light that looks like a boat or a shell-sconce will give the child a sense of a fairy tale. In their design, they can differ from the rest of the interior and be independent items in the design, bright and wonderful. A good solution would be to purchase such a lamp with the ability to adjust the intensity of lighting, it will provide the baby with a comfortable falling asleep.

Sconce in a marine style for the nursery

A modern nursery in a marine style will be a great gift for your child, romantic and original, decorated with exclusive elements and themed accessories, it will be unique. Such an interior and a calm color scheme will contribute to the development of your baby’s imagination, show his creative abilities and fantasy.

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